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Paul Montgomery, Sir Fix-a-Lock: Military Service to Master Locksmith

Interview with Paul Montgomery of Sir Fix-a-Lock: From Military Service to Locksmithing Excellence

Paul has been a member of the MLA (Master Locksmiths Association) member since 2016.  His company, Sir Fix-a-Lock, is an MLA Approved locksmith company based in Devon, and features on the coveted ‘find a locksmith’ section of the MLA website.

Paul’s journey from military service into locksmithing is a great example of how the skills and values of one profession have easily transitioned into the other and provide him with a truly rewarding career.

Military Life. 

Paul started his military career as a Communications Specialist before becoming an instructor in areas including Skill at Arms, Map Reading, CBRN, and Battlefield First Aid. He trained recruits and served in Iraq, Afghanistan, Bosnia, and Northern Ireland.

Transitioning from a distinguished 25-year career full colour service in the military, Paul began his career in locksmithing in March 2011 with Sir Fix-a-Lock.

Transitioning into Locksmithing. 

Paul credits his transition success to planning for resettlement early, and his decision to explore a career in locksmithing came from a friend during this planning. He was immediately drawn to the diverse challenges and outdoor work locksmithing offered, Paul made the decision to take a locksmith course, funded through ELCAS, 3 years before he was due to end his military career.

Practicing in his spare time and gradually building a client base over his final 3 years in service meant Paul had the beginnings of a successful business when he came to the end of his service.

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Skills for life.

Paul cites qualities picked up through his military service such as honesty, punctuality, and a drive for success have been invaluable in helping him get his business to where it is today. He adds that running his locksmithing business has allowed him to put those skills to good use as well as meaning he can continue to serve and support others.

Locksmithing: a rewarding profession.

Paul’s passion for locksmithing is clear. He says that locksmithing gives him the opportunity to enhance people’s security every day, contributing to a profound sense of fulfilment. His love of problem-solving and puzzles fuels his passion for his profession and equips him to tackle the diverse challenges every day brings – no two locks are the same, making a tangible difference in his clients’ lives. Paul likens the challenge of locksmithing to the Krypton Factor and Crystal Maze.

His advice to aspiring locksmiths emphasises the importance of continuous skill development, thorough market research – checking out the amount of competition in your area is a must and identifying your specialism within the field.

Paul Montgomery of Sir Fix A Lock, Locksmith company with dog and staff

Paul with his team at Sir-Fix-a-Lock

Locksmith going green.

Beyond his dedication to the locksmithing industry Paul has a strong environmental ethos – something that he says was influenced by his time in Germany where recycling and eco-friendly habits are inherent and well as his son’s passion for environmental responsibility. He ensures that Sir Fix-a-Lock operates as an environmentally friendly as possible, with a commitment to recycling and supporting local charities.

Locksmith Van and Eco friendly scooter outside locksmith shop

Sir-Fix-a-Lock operate an eco-friendly business

Becoming an MLA Approved Company.

Paul wanted to instil customer confidence from the outset which is why he wanted to join the MLA and become an Approved Company. Paul says that being an MLA Approved Company has significantly boosted Sir Fix-a-Lock’s reputation and visibility. The association’s endorsement not only attracts customers but also instils trust and confidence in the quality of service provided.

Having Sir Fix-a-Lock listed as an approved locksmith on the MLA website brings in extra business as well as allowing customers to check their credentials.

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Award winning locksmith.

Paul’s company has won many awards and demonstrate his commitment to excellence and service. Winning prestigious awards such as the English Veterans Veteran Business Owner of the Year Award 2023 and Devon Chamber of Commerce Awards 2023 as well as being finalist for awards like the Soldier on Awards, Business Scale-Up Award 2023, the British Ex-Forces in business Entrepreneur of the Year and the Gold Award for the Armed Forces Covenant (Sir Fix-a-Lock is one of a handful of the micro companies with this award).

In May 2024 Sir Fix-a-lock were honoured with the first ever King’s Award for Enterprise for Sustainable Development. Paul Montgomery, the company founder, expressed profound pride in Sir Fix-a-lock’s achievements, stating,

“To win the King’s Award for Enterprise is truly humbling and exhilarating. The dedication of our team has been immense, and we are all honoured to wear the King’s Award emblem.”

Paul encourages all companies to strive for excellence in their respective fields and pursue sustainability initiatives.

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