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Lost My Car Keys & Have No Spare – Replacement Near Me

Lost car keys

Have you lost your car keys or keyless remote fob & have no spare? an auto locksmith approved by the MLA can replace any type of key for all vehicle models, use our search tool to replace your lost car keys.

On this page we will cover much it costs to replace lost car keys, how long it will take and if you can get a new key without having the original.

The best & fastest way to replace lost car keys is using a Auto locksmith who are experts with car keys so will provide you with a replacement set for whatever vehicle ( motorbike, car, van, truck, scooter etc.. ) you have.

To find out 5 ways to replace lost car keys click here we tell you what the cheapest and fastest way to get replacement keys is.

Lost Car Keys – How to Replace Yours Quickly

If you can’t find your car keys we will answer the following questions to help you get replacement car keys quickly:

  1. What to prepare
  2. Type of car keys lost
  3. Cost to replace car keys
  4. Lost my only car key
  5. How long will it take
  6. Car key made without original?
  7. Will I have to change my car locks
  8. Are lost car keys covered by insurance?
  9. Car keys are stolen
  10. Type of Vehicle ( Car, Motorcycle, Van )
  11. Manufacturer & vehicle models ( Ford, BMW, Audi etc.. )
  12. Do I need to take my car to the locksmith?

What to do if you’ve lost your car keys & have no spare set?

An Auto Locksmith can help you with lost keys for any type of motor vehicle from a car, van, truck or motorcycle.  So if you need a spare car key cutting or your remote car key programming we recommend to contact a local MLA approved auto locksmith near you.

In order to assist the auto locksmith the following information will help:

1. Prepare the following information for your auto locksmith:

  • Make and model of vehicle
  • Registration number of vehicle
  • Vehicle identification number ( found on your V5C document – see your vehicles log book )
  • Personal identification ( documentation showing name, photo, address to help confirm ownership of the vehicle )
  • Postcode of where you are, should you require an emergency locksmith to come to you.

2. What type of Car Keys have you lost?

Two types of car keys – There are generally two types, these are remote keys and non-remotes ( transponder keys ).

Remote Car Key Types

Your remote will most likely be one of the following three types:

a) Remote fob with key

Car key with remote fob

A key with remote fob

The remote will unlock and turn off the alarm, the key then used in the ignition to start the vehicle.

b) Remote entry fob with integrated key

Remote entry car key fob with integrated key

What a remote car key looks like

The remote will unlock the doors, turn off the alarm & Immobiliser, whilst the key starts the ignition.

c) Remote Keyless System Fob

Keyless Entry Car Key Fob

What a keyless entry fob looks like

Keyless cars tend to have mechanical keys hidden in the fob know as a remote keyless fob, for use in emergencies to unlock the doors.

READ MORE: Keyless Car Theft – how to prevent it

Transponder Keys: Non-Remotes

transponder car keys

What a standard transponder key looks like

Most cars after 1995 have transponder chips that are programmed to a specific car.

Non-remote keys will have:

  1. no remote central locking and
  2. no remote control functions on the key.

If your car key is broken – then you won’t be able to turn the ignition, therefore, the vehicle will not be able to start, so you will need a replacement transponder chip.

3. How much does it cost to replace car keys?

The cost to replace the key can range from as low as £25 to well over £200, the price will depend on the following factors:

  1. Vehicle Model – The make, model & age of the vehicle you have, this will include what immobiliser system the vehicle has
  2. Key type – If it’s a remote key fob, keyless entry or made before 1995 without a chip inside.

Get at least 3 quotes – we recommend you get a quote from a local auto locksmith near to you,  most likely they will be cheaper than going to your local vehicle dealer or using your car insurance as some policies do not cover lost keys.

4. I have lost my only car key, does it matter?

No, it does not matter, if you’ve lost your only set of keys, an auto locksmith can provide you with a replacement and re-program the new car key to match your vehicle.  The old key will be de-programmed to make it useless, in case it has been stolen.

5. How long will it take to get a spare set of car keys?

The time it takes to provide a spare replacement key will depend on the following factors:

  1. The type of key ( if it’s remote fob, keyless entry or transponder )
  2. The model of your car
  3. In stock – If the key blank is available or they need to order a new one in.

Auto locksmiths are fast – They carry a wide range of key blanks in most cases, they will be able give you a replacement car key on the same day.

Auto locksmiths approved by Master Locksmiths Association are Vetted, Inspected & Qualified

6. Can I get a car key made without the original?

If you do not have the original key, a locksmith will be to program a new key for your vehicle.

Identification required All that is required is your vehicle identification number (VIN) found in the logbook/V5C, and you may be asked for proof of identification.

7. Will I have to change my car locks if my keys are lost?

With modern vehicles, there is no need to change the locks for your vehicle as an auto locksmith may be able to either reconfigure the existing locks or program out the lost keys.

Lost car keys can be programmed out – any lost keys can be programmed out of the database of your car thereby stopping anyone else using them, this is done using specialist diagnostic equipment which is plugged into the vehicle.

8. Are lost car keys covered by insurance?

Some insurers offer key cover as part of your car insurance policy for lost and stolen keys, although most only offer this as an additional add-on or upgrade to your policy.

You will find details if you can claim on your car insurance in the terms and conditions of your policy documents.

Check your no claims – we recommend checking it does not affect your no-claims discount before claiming though.

9. What do I do if my car keys are stolen?

If your vehicle keys are stolen an auto locksmith will be able to do the following:

  1. Stop stolen keys being used – by reprogramming your vehicle and deprogramming the stolen keys, so the old ones are no longer usable by whoever has stolen them.
  2. Reconfigure locks + ignition – Depending on the age of the vehicle – door locks and ignition barrel may need to be reconfigured

Security Tip to Prevent Vehicle being Stolen

We recommend having your vehicle’s window etched with the reg number OR having the last 7 digits of the VIN ( vehicle identification number ) etched.

Why have vehicle window etched? this will make a stolen vehicle harder to sell, it also makes it an easier job for the police to get your stolen car back.

The Met Police have advice on what to do if your vehicle is stolen on their website.

10. Type of Vehicle keys an auto locksmith can replace

All types of vehicles – It is not just lost car keys an auto locksmith specialises in, below are some other vehicles that can easily be replaced:

  • Motorcycle & Motorbike
  • Motor Scooter and Moped
  • Van
  • Truck
  • Caravan

11. Manufacturer keys an auto locksmith can replace

All manufacturers replaced – No matter what model you have, all auto locksmith can replace most manufacturers ranging from Ford, Peugeot, Mitsubishi, Honda, BMW, Volkswagen VW, MINI Cooper, Mercedes, Skoda, Fiat, Mazda, Citroen, Hyundai, Audi, Vauxhall etc…

Car key model prices vary – As mentioned above some keys may be more expensive than others due to the immobiliser system the vehicle has, and if the key needs programming.

12. Do I need to take my car to the locksmith?

Most offer a mobile service – a lot of locksmiths provide a mobile service and will be able to travel to you and do the work on site, with all key blanks and programming software carried in their van.


The fastest & most likely cheapest way to replace your lost car keys is to contact your nearest auto locksmith who will provide you with a replacement set fast.

  • Cost of lost car keys – will depend on your vehicle make, model and year.  The price of car keys does vary considerably between different cars.
  • Do not have original key – this is no problem at all, as a new key be programmed to your car using specific software.
  • Auto Locksmith will need – your location, vehicle registration, your ID and V5 document

Most auto locksmiths offer a 24-hour emergency call out service as well so will get to you urgently if your keys are lost out of hours.

We have over 100 Auto Locksmiths to replace Lost Car Keys

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