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Find a Emergency Locksmith (24 Hour) Near You

Do you need a Emergency Locksmith near your location?  You can find the nearest 24 hour locksmith in your area approved by the Master Locksmiths Association if you are locked out of the house, lost your keys or need your locks repaired.

local MLA approved locksmith can help with any emergency out of hours situation, they can even change, fit and upgrade your locks.

Emergency Locksmith Services

The following are common problems a locksmith who offers a 24-hour call-out can help you with:


24 Hour Locksmith

A 24 Hour locksmith can help with any lock or door problem during out of hours and will be able to visit your home or business:

The main question you will want to know is how much is the emergency locksmith going to cost, which we will cover next:

1. How much does an Emergency Locksmith Cost?

An emergency locksmith will normally cost the same as a standard locksmith from £80 per hour.  A 24 hour locksmith can charge from £100 per hour after 8pm, from £115 per hour after midnight, the price depends on the hour of day, your location & type of locksmith job completed.

For prices & estimates, see our guide on Locksmith Costs & Price Checklist.

Please NOTE there is no regulation in the locksmithing industry –  so effectively any locksmith can charge any price they wish.

How to reduce cost

If using an emergency locksmith; get at least three quotes from different locksmiths or see our tips on reducing the cost of a locksmith here.

We would always recommend you use an MLA approved locksmith, as our locksmiths are fully vetted and inspected.

2. What is an Emergency Locksmith?

An emergency locksmith will offer a ‘out of hours‘ service for such as lockouts, lost keys, change locks to spare key cutting.

Your nearest local locksmith will be able to visit you on-site during or outside out of business hours if they offer an 24 Hour Emergency Call Out Service.

What is considered ‘Out of Hours?

When booking an emergency locksmith, out of hours will likely refer to the following days and times:

  • Outside 9 am – 5 pm time slot: on Monday – Friday’s
  • Weekends: anytime on Saturday and Sundays
  • Bank Holidays: any time

3. Does a locksmith break your lock?

No, an emergency locksmith will not normally need to break your lock, a fully trained and qualified locksmith will have the skills to open a lock in a non-destructive manner.

Drilling or breaking a lock should only be a last resort scenario for any locksmith,

Why an Emergency locksmith might need to break your lock

A locksmith will ONLY have to break your lock if for example:

  • The lock is faulty or
  • Key has snapped in the lock damaging your lock
  • The lock needs to be replaced anyway (e.g. lost keys) and it can be done in a way so as to not damage the door.

Final Tip From The MLA

We recommend saving the details of a local MLA Licensed locksmith into your mobile phone so that in the event of an emergency you have their details to hand

MLA Approved Locksmiths are Vetted, Inspected & Qualified.

Why use a MLA Approved Locksmith?

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