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What is Most Secure Lock To Prevent Lock Snapping? (2024 Guide)

Most Secure Lock to Protect against Lock Snapping

The security issue of lock snapping is a growing security concern, we will look at the 3 best ways to prevent lock snapping & how to find the best anti-snap lock for your front & back door in 2024.

As experts in door and lock security, ourselves at the Master Locksmiths Association will help guide you through what rating your euro cylinder lock should have, for it to truly be anti-snap.


If you are looking to replace your locks with anti-snap locks then using one of the below three methods will help stop thieves snapping your locks.

  1. Sold Secure SS312 Diamond Cylinders
  2. TS007 3-Star Cylinder
  3. 1-Star Cylinder with 2 Star Furniture

Or you want to save time quickly contact an MLA approved locksmith local to you for expert advice.

What are Anti-Snap Locks?

Anti-snap locks are high security euro lock cylinders that are designed and tested to protect against lock snapping stopping a thief from breaking the lock into two parts.  This type of cylinder is usually found on uPVC doors. 

You may find people refer to Anti-Snap locks as ‘Snapsafe Locks’ as well.

In order to ensure the highest level of security against lock snapping, they should be tested against and approved to certain standards.

Read our ‘What is Lock Snapping’  Guide

The two most popular rating standards for a lock to be considered “anti-snap” (as some may say) are SS312 Diamond and TS007 3 Star. ( both covered further on )

What door types are anti snap locks fitted on?

As well the standard front door on your home, anti snap locks can also be installed on other types of doors such as:

  • Front, Back and Side Doors
  • Patio Doors
  • Wooden & Composite
  • uPVC ( most common )
  • Aluminium Doors

Security Protection against Blowtorch Technique

Anti Snap locks can also protect against the recent blowtorch technique crime where thieves use a blowtorch to melt the door exposing the lock, once exposed they snap the lock.

A thief will not be able to gain entry by snapping a lock that is approved to one of the below standards.

What rating should my lock cylinders have?

There are many different types of lock cylinders available, most people are now asking which lock on their front & back door is the most secure and highest level of protection against lock snapping.

1. SS312 Diamond Approved Standard Cylinder

We believe that you can minimise your risk of being a victim of lock snapping by ensuring the lock you purchase has the Sold Secure ( SS312 ) Diamond Standard Approval.

SS312 Diamond was the first test standard developed to counter lock snapping and is deemed to be the highest level of approval for cylinders.

Avocet ABS and ATK Diamond Grade Anti Snap Lock Cylinders image

An example of SS312 Diamond Approved Euro Lock Cylinder from Avocet Hardware Ltd

Brisant Ultion Anti Snap Euro Lock Cylinder

Brisant Ultion is a SS312 Diamond Approved Cylinder

List of SS312 Diamond Approved Cylinders

As of 2024, there are currently over 20 different lock cylinders what are Sold Secure Diamond Approved from manufacturers such as ABUS, APECS, Avocet, Brisant, ERA, Mul-T-Lock, Federal & Yale – some names are below:

Lock Manufacturer Cylinder Name
APECS AP Cylinder
Avocet ABS Attack Series – ATK Cylinder
Avocet ABS Master Series
Avocet ABS Ultimate Series
Brisant Ultion & Ultion WXM
ERA Fortress
Federal Various Cylinders
Mul-T-Lock Break Secure® 3DS
Mul-T-Lock MTL™300 Break Secure® 3XP
Security Hardware Schlosser Technik Cylinder
Yale Yale Platinum Cylinder

For a official list of all current lock cylinders that are SS312 Diamond Approved please visit the Sold Secure website.

Photos of Anti Snap Lock Cylinders

The below gallery shows an example of some SS312 diamond approved euro cylinders.

The next standard to look out for when looking for anti-snap protection is a TS007 3 Star kitemark standard lock:

2.  TS007 3-star Euro Lock Cylinder

An alternative specification to look out for is the TS007 BSI Kitemark, however, it is important to note that there is a star rating associated with this.

TS007 has 3 levels associated with it:-

  • 1 star – for cylinders (basic approval, no testing for snapping)
  • 2 star – for handles and other door furniture (e.g. security escutcheons)
  • 3 star – for cylinders (tested for resistance to snapping)

The minimum criteria for protecting against lock snapping is to achieve at least 3 stars

If going for a TS007 approved product then make sure it has the Kitemark.

What does a Kitemark on the Lock mean?

A Kitemark indicates the product has been tested by a 3rd party and hasn’t simply been approved to the standard by the manufacturer themselves

A 3 Star Rating Protects Against Snapping

To protect against lock snapping a 3-star rating needs to be reached.

kitemark 3 star logo

Look for the 3-star Kitemark standard to prevent lock snapping

To achieve this, you can use a 3-star euro lock cylinder.

A TS007 3 star euro lock cylinder

ASEC lock cylinder is an example of a 3-star kitemark rated euro cylinder that helps prevent lock snapping

Expert Tip: We recommend that a 3rd party approval of this standard is sought.

3. 1-star Kitemarked Cylinder with 2-star Kitemarked door furniture

An alternative to the 3-star euro cylinder option is to have a 1-star euro lock cylinder protected by 2-star approved door furniture, such as security handles or a cylinder guard ( escutcheon ).

2 Star Door Handle

2-star kitemark door furniture with 1-star kitemark lock cylinder will prevent against Lock Snapping

1 star kitemark euro lock cylinder

A 1-star kitemark lock cylinder with 2-star kitemark door furniture will prevent against Lock Snapping

Expert Tip: The complexity of these standards is why you should seek specialist advice from your nearest local MLA approved locksmith

for expert advice on Anti-Snap locks

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much is a Anti-Snap Euro Cylinder Lock?

The cost of a euro cylinder lock that is anti snap without labour will cost from £60 compared to just £25 for a budget euro cylinder that is NOT anti snap. The price of the lock will again depend on the brand and security standard.

2. How much does it cost to fit a Anti-Snap lock?

The estimated price to change your locks to an anti-snap euro cylinder could be from £130. The cost depends on the brand of lock cylinder that is being fitted along with where you are based, how far the locksmith has to travel & time of day.

Read our ‘Locksmith Pricing’ Guide – for more help on costs, we also wrote a price checklist.

3. Is anti bump the same as anti-snap?

No anti bump is NOT the same as anti snap, both are different techniques.  Anti-bump which stops lock bumping is a manipulation technique that requires a specialist tool, whereas anti snap protects lock snapping which is physically breaking a lock.

4. Can burglars break anti snap locks?

Most ‘Anti-Snap’ locks are designed to snap and then lock up so that entry cannot be gained.  However, this is only the case if your euro lock cylinder is approved to either SS312 diamond or TS 007 3 Star.

5. What’s the difference between TS007 3 Star and SS312 Diamond? 

The difference between a TS007 3 Star and SS312 diamond lock cylinder is in how the cylinders are tested to pass the required standard.

Time and Tools used differ –  SS312 Diamond uses a much heavier tool list to attack the cylinders although the time allowed is slightly shorter.

The general consensus, backed up by knowledge of cylinders that have passed one test and failed another, is that SS312 Diamond is a more difficult test standard to pass.

6. Are 1-star locks anti snap?

No, a 1-Star Lock is NOT Anti Snap when fitted to a door by itself.

A 1-Star Lock is ONLY Anti-Snap if fitted WITH a 2-Star Door Furniture such as Handle or Escutcheon.

7. What is a 1 Star Lock?

A 1 Star euro lock cylinder is British Kitemark certified to 1 star.  This means the lock should protect against drilling, bumping & picking.  A 1 star lock would not protect against lock snapping and should be supported by a 2 star handle or escutcheon.

Note: There is no such thing as a 1 star lock as the star rating only applies to euro lock cylinders.

8. What is a 3 star lock?

A TS007 three star lock usually means a Euro cylinder that has been subjected to an attack test in addition to the testing performed on a one star cylinder.  3 star lock cylinders resist direct attack & offer a significant security upgrade to any door regardless of the material of door and handle.

The Police will recommend both SS312 Diamond locks or TS 007 3 star locks to the general public as security upgrades for domestic homes.

SS312 Diamond standard euro cylinders have also been subject to a similar test as 3 star locks, SS312 is generally accepted as a higher level of testing & therefore offers similar if not better protection.

9. Is Lock Snapping Declining because of Anti Snap Locks?

We found that lock snapping has been on the decline since 2011 which seems to tie in with anti-snap locks and the introduction of SS312 diamond cylinder locks that are designed to protect against lock snapping.

10. What is a High Security Lock?

Many locks claim to be high security but the only way to check that something has met a minimum security requirement is to look for lock certification.

Locks certified to either British Standard Kitemark or Sold Secure approval will ensure a high security lock.


The 3 best ways to upgrade the security of your home to protect against lock snapping.

Make sure the anti snap locks you fit meet one of the below 3 standards:

  1. SS312 Diamond Standard OR
  2. TS007 3 Star  OR
  3. 1 Star Lock Cylinder with 2 Star door furniture ( such as handle )

Above all make sure you use a locksmith to fit your locks, fitting incorrectly can leave your locks prone to snapping.

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