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uPVC Door Handles – What is the Best & Most Secure?

uPVC Door Handles - Best and Most Secure

uPVC door handles can be fitted to any uPVC door type such as front & back doors, french doors & even bi-fold doors, but are tested to different security standards, some door handles are more secure than others.

Find out what the best and most secure uPVC door handles you can fit are, the price of a replacement door handle and the benefits of fitting a high-security external door handle to a uPVC door.

1. What is Best & Most Secure uPVC Door Handle?

The best and most secure uPVC door handle to fit is a handle that is approved to TS007 2 Star and has Secured By Design accreditation, which is sometimes referred to as Police Approved.

We recommend your external uPVC door handle is:

  • TS007 2 Star Approved
  • Look for the BSI British Standard Kitemark
  • Approved to PAS 24 as part of a door set
  • Is Police recognised by Secured By Design
  • Has Sold Secure Approval
TS007 2 Star Kitemark logo on door handle

Look for the TS007 2 Star Kitemark on Door Handles


The pros of fitting a high-security external door handle to your uPVC door are:

  1. Cylinder Guard protects Cylinder Attacks – The main advantage of using a high-security door handle are that they have a cylinder guard that protects against lock cylinder attacks when burglars attempt lock snapping.
  2. Protect against Handle snapping – Chamfered edges and the high strength of the handle protects against mole grips attacks.
  3. Thicker than standard handles – Most are at least twice as thick, with some being solid metal.


The cons of a uPVC door handle are:

  1. A Door handle on its own will NOT protect your uPVC door
  2. Any uPVC door handle always requires a high-security lock fitted such as an Anti-snap lock cylinder

2. What is the Cost of a uPVC Door Handle?

The supply only price of a high-security uPVC door handle should be from £50.

For a locksmith to fit a replacement door handle to a uPVC door including labour the cost will be from £110. 

Our locksmith price guide gives a full breakdown of prices a locksmith charges and a checklist of questions.

uPVC Door Handle Fitting and Replacement 

3. How long will it take to fit a uPVC Door Handle?

The estimated time to fit a uPVC door handle is from 20 minutes for an experienced locksmith.

The most time-consuming aspects of fitting a door handle are:

  • Covering screw centres – The locksmith will need to make sure any handles cover the old screw holes on the door
  • Correct Size Lock – A new lock may be needed if the old cylinder is too long or too short, some security handles have a cover to protect the keyway,  so you may need a shorter cylinder for the handle to fit

A lot depends on the brand of door handle you are fitting. some brands of handle are slightly different from each other.

4. Can I Fit a uPVC Door Handle Myself?

This is not something we would advise, as fitting a door handle incorrectly could lead your door vulnerable to attack.

We recommend you hire a vetted, inspected MLA approved locksmith.

5. What Size uPVC Door Handle Will I Need?

uPVC Door handles come in various PZ sizes.

A locksmith will be able to measure your door and ensure the correct size handle is fitted. This is the reason we always recommend you use a local professional locksmith to supply and fit your high-security door handles.

6. Additional Security Advice alongside uPVC Door Handle?

Alongside any high-security door handle fitted to a uPVC door we would recommend fitting:

Anti Snap Lock with Door Handle fitted to UPVC Door

Anti Snap Lock fitted to uPVC door handle can improve security | Image provided by Mul-T-lock

If you need a uPVC door handle supplying and fitting all locksmiths approved by the Master Locksmiths Association are vetted, inspected and fully qualified.

Contact a local MLA locksmith in your area to fit a new uPVC handle to your door

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