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Safe Opening & Repair – Find a Safe Specialist to Open Your Safe

Safe Opening, Repairs and Servicing - Find a Safe Engineer to Open Your Safe

Do you need a safe opening because you have lost the safe key, forget the combination or lost the code? A Safe engineer can open all types of safes such as digital, combination and key lock safes.

MLA licensed locksmith offering safe services can help if you require your safe repairing, a safe moving & disposing of or would like a safe installation of a home security safe. Most of our MLA Locksmiths offer than just a lost key and lock service.

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We have over 200 Vetted Safe Engineers across the UK approved UK’s largest locksmith association, If you need a safe opening or repairing our experts can help.

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Safe Opening – Unlock a Safe Without a Key or Combination

Are you trying to open a locked safe? or maybe you’ve lost the keys to your safe or forgot the combination and you can’t unlock it, then contact a locksmith to open your safe to see if they can help.

Common Safe Opening Problems a Safe Engineer can help with

  • Open combination safe without knowing the combination – dial and digital locks
  • Open a safe if the keys are locked inside
  • Open a safe without key
  • Open a safe forgot combination or forgot the code
  • Crack open the safe if you have lost the keys
  • Safe key stuck in lock
  • Open key safe without code
  • Open outdoor key safes
  • Open home security safe
  • Open a large underfloor safe
  • Open large vault safe
  • Unlock & open digital and electronic safes

Also, if you need a new key cutting for your safe then due to the nature of safe keys they need to be cut by a professional locksmith.

How Much Does It Cost To Open a Safe?

As there is no governing body for locksmiths there is no price structure that locksmiths have to follow.  There are many factors that will influence the cost, the cost of opening a safe will depend on the security level and time required.

We recommend to get a quote for your local MLA locksmith.

Safe Repairs – Digital + Combination (All Types)

Maybe your safe has been damaged and the lock is not working or you have a problem with the key, below are issues a safe engineer can help with:

  • Repair if the lock on the safe is broken
  • The lock is damaged or faulty
  • Digital safe has locked you out
  • The key is snapped in the safe lock
  • The safe key won’t turn in the lock
  • The safe door won’t open or is sticking

A fully vetted and DBS checked MLA locksmith will be able to help repair your safe.

Types of Safes a locksmith can open or repair

A specialist safe engineer will be able to open and repair all types of safes and cabinets such as:

  • Combination Locks
  • Digital Keypads
  • Traditional key operated safes
  • Key Safes and boxes
  • Floor and Fireproof Safes
  • Hidden Wall Safes
  • Safety Deposit Boxes
  • Key and Gun Cabinets

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Installing a Safe

MLA licensed locksmiths who work with safes will be able to specify and install the appropriate safe and size of safe that will be fit for purpose.

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Removing a Safe

Whether you need a safe moving or disposing of from a building/office/property this is service a MLA locksmith who specialises in safes will be able to help you with.

safe being lifted image

image provided by Bradleys Master Locksmiths

Due to the weight of safes, this is not something you should attempt to do yourselves.  Most MLA locksmiths specialising in security safe usually offer a safe removal service.

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We have over 200 Vetted Safe Engineers across the UK, all approved by the UK’s largest locksmith association.

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