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Locksmith Price List & Costs (2024 Guide)

Locksmith Prices and Cost Checklist

Find out how much a locksmith costs in the UK, our locksmith prices list include typical average cost of jobs such as cost to change locks & prices of locks. Our locksmith price checklist also has questions to ask the locksmith, so you don’t get overcharged.

As the UK’s largest locksmith association our guide on pricing will help you understand everything you need to know.

Prices Quotes from Vetted Locksmiths

Locksmith Price Guide for 2024

Our pricing guide will cover the following:

1. Prices to Change & Replace Locks
2. Prices to Unlock House & Open Door
3. Prices to Repair Locks
4. Prices of Door Locks – Cost of locks without labour (inc BS3621)
5. Hourly Locksmith Labour Prices
6. Emergency Locksmith Prices – Includes 24 hour
7. How to Reduce Cost – Don’t be overcharged
8. Locksmith Price Checklist – Questions to ask
9. Why locksmiths can charge any price
10. Locksmith Price Factors – Why they are so different
11. Overcharged by a locksmith – What to do

The most important thing about locksmith prices you should know is below:

No Government Licensing for Locksmiths

This means locksmiths can charge any price.

The cost of hiring a UK locksmith can vary for each locksmith company, locksmith prices can differ due to things like the time of the day, lock parts required & where you live.

  • Prices Sourced from MLA Approved Locksmiths – Prices on this page are average prices provided to us by our approved locksmiths across the UK.

Signs of Overcharging Locksmiths – our how to spot a rogue locksmith page has signs to look out for when hiring a locksmith.

We will start with estimated prices a locksmith may charge for a variety of jobs.

Prices to Change Locks

The cost to change the locks can start from £100 for a basic euro lock cylinder to £130 upwards for replacing a mortice lock. The price to replace a lock depends on the type of lock, brand & security standard, and if any call out charges are included in the cost.

The below locksmith prices are estimated costs of how much a locksmith may charge to change and replace all types of locks from front & back door locks, uPVC door locks to patio door, window & garage locks.

Locksmith Job Type Price Estimate
(inc VAT)
Time to Complete Job
(approx time)
Changing a Standard euro cylinder lock on uPVC door
from £100 from 20 minutes
Changing an Anti snap euro cylinder on uPVC door
from £130 from 20 minutes
Changing a Mortice lock* (deadlock or sashlock)
from £140 from 30 minutes
Replacing a Night Latch (Yale Lock ) on wooden door
from £110 from 30 minutes
Changing a Rim Cylinder Lock
from £85 from 20 minutes
Replacing a Patio door lock
from £110 from 30 minutes
Replacing a Garage door lock
from £95 from 30 minutes
Fit a uPVC Door Handle
from £110 from 30 minutes

*Changing a Mortice lock might require some rework to the door in order for it to fit, as mortice locks are available in various sizes

Why Prices Vary For Replacing Locks:

How much a locksmith charges to change the locks will vary from locksmith to locksmith, the below price factors should be noted when changing the locks:

  1. Brand of lock being replaced
  2. Standard of lock being changed ( British Standard or Non-BS standard )
    – Read our guide to BS3621 British Standard locks here
  3. Time of day if out of hours or normal working hours
  4. Where you live ( i.e London will be more expensive )
  5. Time taken for locksmith to complete job
  6. Distance locksmith has to travel
  7. Size of company a medium sized retail business has higher overheards

So please don’t take this as an exact guide, we always recommend to get at least three quotes from local locksmiths in your area.

Confused What Type of Door Lock you have?

Please read our types of door lock guide we tell you how to identify your house locks and the pros/cons of each lock.

Prices to Unlock House & Open Door

The cost to unlock and open a locked door can start from £85, the price can vary though due to the type of lock & door being opened, as some locks are easier to open than others.  Also some types of doors have more than one lock fitted, so will require two locks to be opened.

Below are estimated prices for a locksmith to unlock your house and gain entry, plus costs to replace lost keys or remove snapped keys from the door.

Locksmith Job Type Price Estimate
(inc VAT)
Time to Complete Job
(approx time)
Locked out – unlock house & open door to gain entry
( opening Mortice Lock, Rim Lock or Euro Lock )
from £85 from 30 minutes
Remove broken/snapped key to open door
from £85 from 30 minutes
Replace lost keys to house*
from £95 from 1 hour

*Most locksmiths will replace the door lock after lost keys.

Why some locks & doors are more expensive to open

There are various types of opening techniques, so if someone is locked out there are different ways to get them in.

In some cases the lock could be quick & easy to open such as basic euro cylinder or nightlatch, some locks are trickier and take longer.

Unlocking Mortice Locks

Some locksmiths may charge more to open a mortice lock, as in some cases a mortice lock can take longer to open than rim or euro locks.

Unlocking UPVC/Composite Door

If your uPVC door has a basic cylinder lock these can be easy to unlock, but high security anti-snap locks usually require specialist tools and knowledge so that could make the job more expensive.

Unlocking Wooden Door

For wooden doors most can be simple to unlock, but you might have 2 security locks on them. If so opening 2 locks is more expensive, remembering if you do have to damage the locks you will need replacement locks as well.

Replacing Lost Key Cost

The cost to replace keys all depends on how many locks will need to be replaced in the home.  Most locksmiths recommend replacing the lock if you lost your key for security reasons.

If your home or business has locks that are keyed alike you would have to replace every lock.

Price of Keys

For prices a locksmith charges for keys, please read our key cutting price list we also tell you long time it takes to cut keys as well.

Price to Repair Locks

The cost to repair a door or window lock that is faulty or damaged can start from £55 for repairing a internal door lock to £80 updwards for a front or back door lock. The price to fix a lock will depend on the time taken to repair the lock, if any parts are needed and also the actual lock type.

Lock Repair Job Price Estimate
(inc VAT)
Repair Front or Back Door LockGET A QUOTE from £80
Repair Internal Door Lock (Bedroom/Bathroom)
from £55
Repair uPVC Door Lock
from £80
Repair uPVC Gearbox
(can be cheaper to replace than repair)
from £80
Repair uPVC Window Lock
from £65
Repair Door Handle
from £50
Repair Patio Door LockGET A QUOTE from £80
Repair Garage Door LockGET A QUOTE from £65

Lock Repair Cost Factors

The main cost factor in repairing any door lock or handle will be labour costs involved and if any lock parts need replacing.

Also note if having a lock repaired out of hours this may increase the cost, we again would recommending getting at least 3 quotes from local vetted locksmiths.

Price Of Door Locks ( Different Types )

The cost of a replacement door lock without any labour charges can start from £25 for a basic cylinder lock for a uPVC door, a BS3621 Mortice deadlock can cost from £35 upwards, and from £95 upwards for a BS3621 Approved Night latch.

The below prices are the estimated prices of replacement door locks all WITHOUT labour costs:

Lock Type Price Estimate
Cost Without Labour
(subject to VAT)
Budget Euro Cylinder Lock
( commonly used on uPVC doors )
from £25
Anti Snap Euro Cylinder Lock
( commonly used on uPVC doors )
from £60
3 Lever Mortice Deadlock
from £22
5 Lever Mortice Deadlock
from £26
5 Lever Mortice Deadlock BS3621
from £36
3 Lever Mortice Sash Lock from £25
5 Lever Mortice Sash Lock from £29
5 Lever Mortice Sash Lock BS3621 from £38
Night Latch (Yale Lock)
( commonly used on wooden doors )
from £30
BS3621 Night Latch (Yale Lock)
( commonly used on wooden doors )
from £95
uPVC Door Lock Replacement
( full Multipoint lock strip )
from £72 to £240+
Rim Cylinder from £12
British Standard Rim Cylinder  from £24
Patio Door Lock from £12
Garage Door Lock from £18
Window Lock from £24

*The above prices are for just the cost of lock without labour, fitting & call out charge costs.

Euro Cylinder Lock Prices

A basic euro cylinder lock replacement for a uPVC door lock can cost from £24 and will be cheaper to replace than a high security anti-snap cylinder.  An anti snap cylinder could cost from £60 to replace, the price will vary on brand and standard of cylinder being changed.

Security Note: Fitting a basic euro cylinder may result in your locks being at risk to lock snapping, basic cylinders are not tested against snapping.

For expert advice on the best anti-snap lock read our guide here.

Night Latch ( Yale Lock ) Prices

The average price of a basic night latch ( Yale Lock ) can cost from £30, the price will vary with each brand of lock, and also the type of night latch, a auto deadlocking will be more expensive but offers more security.

Any British Standard approved night latch conforming to BS3621 is likely to cost roughly from £95 per lock.

For advice on night latches read our Night Latch guide click here.

Mortice Lock Prices – More than one type

Mortice lock are usually more expensive than basic euro cylinder locks.

The price of Mortice Locks vary due to the different types available such as:

  1. Category of Mortice Lock – Cylinder Mortice Lock or Lever Mortice Lock
  2. Type of Mortice Lock  – Mortice Deadlock or Mortice Sash lock
  3. Number of Levers* – 2 lever, 3 lever or  5 lever, the more levers usually means a higher priced lock.
  4. Mortice Lock Standard – Non-British Standard locks again are usually less expensive e.g: 5 Lever Non-BS3621 or 5 Lever BS-3621.

*Typically, the more levers a mortice lock has, the more secure the lock is.

Why Lock Prices Vary

Again prices of any door lock will change dependant on the following:

  1. Brand of lock
    Some brands are more expensive than others ( well known brands include e.g Mul-T-lock, Yale, DOM, ERA etc.. )
  2. Size of lock
    Most locks are available in different sizes, therefore prices may vary
  3. Lock Standard
    British Standard approved locks are more expensive than standard non-BS approved locks.

Read our guide on BS3621 locks here and how to tell if your current fitted locks are approved to BS3621.

High security euro cylinders approved to SS312 Diamond & Ts007 3* are usually more expensive than basic euro lock cylinder.

How much does a locksmith charge per hour?

The cost of a locksmith’s hourly labour rate you can expect to pay from around £80 per hour. Some locksmiths may charge a lower price for subsequent hours after the first hour on-site. For example, the first hour on site may be £80, then 2nd hour may be £35.

A lot of locksmith jobs such as fitting and changing locks can be completed within an hour, although repair jobs may take longer to complete.

You can find the nearest locksmith in your area here all our locksmiths are fully vetted and inspected.

Hourly Prices for an Emergency Locksmith (Out of Hours)

In terms of the hourly price of an emergency locksmith you can expect to pay from around £80 per hour.  You should expect the price to be more expensive outside of normal working hour, especially for jobs late at night and on weekends.

Hourly labour charges for a locksmith may also increase depending on how far the locksmith has to travel.

London Locksmith Hourly Prices

The hourly price of a locksmith in London can be from £90 per hour as labour charges.

The cost of hiring a locksmith in London may be slightly more expensive than elsewhere in the UK due to charges the locksmith has to pay such as congestion and parking charges.

London Prices for an Emergency Locksmith (Out Of Hours )

The cost of a emergency locksmith in London per hour will be from £115 per hour rising to £145 per hour after midnight, you should factor in weekends, bank holidays/xmas & new year as the price may increase.

emergency locksmith cost - the price of hiring a emergency locksmith

How much does a 24 Hour Locksmith Cost?

Based on our findings the cost to hire a 24-hour locksmith (out of hours) can start from £100 per hour after 8pm, this price is likely to increase after midnight. The price of a 24-hour locksmith will depend on the time of day & whether it’s a weekend or bank holiday.

Find a vetted 24-Hour Locksmith near you here

How much does an Emergency Locksmith Cost?

According to our findings, the price to hire an emergency locksmith in normal working hours can start from £80 per hour.  The cost of an emergency locksmith should be the same as a normal locksmith as most locksmiths offer a mobile service.

Costs – The costs you will pay for an emergency locksmith will be their labour cost & price of parts.

Call Out Fee – We found that most emergency locksmiths do not charge a call out fee.

Find a vetted Emergency locksmith near you here.

The Price of an Emergency Locksmith

A breakdown of the costs involved to hire an emergency locksmith are as follows:

1. Type of job

  • Some emergency locksmith jobs will take the locksmith longer to complete
  • Opening a locked door will be cheaper than changing and fitting an anti-snap lock cylinder to a front door, or replacing the entire multipoint locking mechanism.

2. Time + Date of Year

  • Late Night & Weekends An emergency locksmith late night 11 pm on a Monday can be cheaper than late night 11 pm on a Saturday night
  • Bank Holiday Hiring a locksmith on a bank holiday will likely cost more
  • Christmas Eve/Day or New Year the price will likely increase compared to a normal day

3. Call Out Charge / Fee

  • Call out charges can sometimes include a fee to attend the site of work and an initial time period on site
  • Others call out charges will only be the cost to attend the job, especially if a long-distance

We suggest checking beforehand if there is a call out charge fee and check precisely what it includes.

How much is a locksmith call out charge fee?

When hiring a locksmith or emergency locksmith a lot will charge a FREE call out fee, any fees a locksmith charges may well include the first hour of labour.

We recommend contacting your nearest MLA approved locksmith for a price quote, remember to ask if they charge a call out fee.

How to reduce locksmith cost?

The best advice we can give on reducing the cost when you hire a locksmith is to get at least three different quotes to determine the best price.

  • Providing as much accurate information
    Give the locksmith details on the lock and lock-related problem – this will help the locksmith give you a more realistic estimate of the work required and therefore cost
  • Read our Price Checklist
    Our checklist of questions to ask the locksmith help prevent you from being overcharged.

However, don’t be mistaken into thinking that a job done quickly should be cheap.

You’re paying for the countless hours of training, the tools purchased and the knowledge of the locksmith, not the minutes taken to do the job.

Expert Advice: Don’t forget to ask if VAT is included in the price of any work done.

Signs of a Rogue Locksmith

Locksmith Price Checklist

Find out how to keep the price as low as possible when hiring a locksmith and not be overcharged.

As there is no price structure locksmiths have to follow in the UK, we often hear stories of rogue locksmiths overcharging.

Locksmith Price Checklist

8 Questions to Ask Your Locksmith – Reduce Cost

We have put together the below price checklist of some questions to ask a locksmith:

Pricing + Cost of Job

Question to ask Reason Why
1. Is the price quoted a fixed price for the job? Check whether all costs (product, labour etc.) are included.
2. Is it an estimate or a firm quote? Some may quote an estimate, as once on site job could take more time to complete.
3. If an estimate then what elements may change? e.g Higher security products will be more expensive
4. Is VAT included? The locksmith may not be VAT registered, not all locksmiths will charge VAT

Labour Cost 

Question to ask Reason Why
5. Is labour included in the price? Labour cost may be extra, so always ask this question.
6 Is labour charged per hour? If labour is charged, ask what the labour rate is

Call Out Charge/Fee

Question to ask Reason Why
7. Is there a call out charge? 24 hour and mobile locksmiths may charge a call out fee
8. What does the call out charge fee cover? Some call out charges can include a cost to attend the site.

Cheap Locksmiths – Bait and Switch Scheme

To protect yourself against the locksmith bait & switch scheme, we recommend asking these locksmith questions:

Question to ask Reason Why
9. Are they doing the work themselves or are they subcontracting? Ask who the locksmith is using for subcontracting incase any pricing issue arise.
10. What does the advertised price specifically cover? The advertised price could just be a call out fee

The most crucial issue you should be aware of regarding locksmith prices and costing is the following:

Locksmiths can charge any price they want

Essentially locksmiths are free to charge as they wish, due to there being no governing body for locksmithing.

No governing body means the following:

1. Anyone can call themselves a locksmith

  • There are no specific requirements in place for companies or individuals to meet in order to trade as locksmiths
  • So there are no vetting or competency requirements, meaning anyone can trade as a locksmith.

2. No Price Limit set in place

  • There is no price structure that locksmiths have to follow, so basically they can charge any price.
  • Because of no price limit to follow, this is why there are so many cases of locksmith overcharging.

You should always hire a locksmith approved by the Master Locksmiths Association as……

MLA Locksmiths are Vetted

  • All locksmiths approved by Master Locksmiths Association are Vetted, competency checked and inspected
  • Should you have any issues with the price, we can investigate the matter.

In the next topic, we will cover locksmith prices and the factors involved below.

Locksmith Price Factors – Why are they so different?

If you are confused why the cost of locksmiths are so different, the below factors are what makes the price vary so much between each locksmith:

1. Your Location

The location can have a significant effect on the prices charged.

  • Certain inner city areas may well prove to be more expensive than more rural locations due to parking charges, congestion charges etc.
  • However, distance travelled also plays a part, if you are very rural, you may not have any locksmiths nearby, and they may need to charge for the travel associated with getting to you.

2. Time of day + Year

  • Try to hire a locksmith during regular working hours
  • Emergency locksmiths called out during out of hours period may charge more.
  • Banks holiday & Christmas/New Year, a locksmiths prices may increase this time of year – try to get at least 3 quotes from locksmiths near you

3. Type of Job

  • Hiring a locksmith to only remove a broken key from your lock, or open a locked door will be cheaper than a locksmith changing & replacing your locks.

4. Labour & Hours

  • You must also factor in the hours of labour it will take the locksmith to complete the job.
  • Check whether the price quoted is per hour or a fixed price for the job.

5. Brand & type of lock/cylinder fitted

  • Lock Brand there will be a big difference in price for specific brands.
    i) A budget euro cylinder when replacing the locks may be cheaper than using a high quality branded Sold Secure Approved anti snap lock.
    ii) You will also get a far higher grade of security from this more expensive lock!
  • Security Standard whether the locks meet specific approval standards can also affect their price.
  • Additional work may required to make, a new lock fit your door can also change the price.
  • Type of lock also has a significant effect on the price as a euro cylinder will be a lot cheaper than a complete multipoint lock.

What should I do If I am overcharged?

Please see our locksmith complaint page for a guide about what to do if you are overcharged by a locksmith, where we tell you correctly what to do.


Be aware that because there is no regulation in the industry, a locksmith can charge any price.

Pro Tip: Try to get at least 3 quotes from locksmiths near you.

Why Locksmith Prices Vary – The cost for completing jobs such as changing locks & unlock doors will vary because of:

  1. Brand of lock – some brands cost more money
  2. Standard of lock – some standards are more expensive
  3. Location & Time – your location, time of day & time to complete the job.

The Cost of Locks – all depends on the brand and standard of lock you are choosing to fit.

Price checklist – essential questions to ask regarding price:

  1. Estimate/Fixed – Is the Price is an estimate or a fixed price?
  2. Labour – Is labour cost is included in the price?
  3. Call Out Charge – If calling out a locksmith ask if there is a call out charge/fee and what it includes.
  4. VAT – Is VAT is included in the final price?

Locksmiths approved by Master Locksmiths Association are Vetted, Inspected & Qualified.

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