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uPVC Door Handle Won’t Lift Up to Lock or Go Down – Price to Fix & Why

uPVC Door Handle Wont Lift Up To Lock

If your uPVC door handle won’t lift up to lock or go down, we will tell you why the handle is not working, the approx price to fix a broken upvc door handle and also if you will need a new handle or not.

Want a quick answer? Phone a locksmith in your area about your broken door handle & they can tell you the price immediately, locksmiths repair faulty upvc door handles every day.

My uPVC Door Handle Won’t Lift to Lock – Can a locksmith help?

If your upvc door handle won’t lift up to lock the door, this is a problem locksmiths deal with on a daily basis & easy to fix for a locksmith specialising in uPVC door lock repairs.

The reason your upvc handle will not lift up or go down is usually not a problem with the handle itself, but a problem with the door or faulty locking mechanism.

uPVC Door Handle Repair

Why will my uPVC Door Handle Not Lift Up?

A uPVC door handle that does not lift up to lock is usually because of a door mechanism failure, although it can just be a case of adjusting the door to fix this problem.

Common uPVC door handle problems with reasons why:

uPVC Door Handle Won’t Lift to Lock When Open

Lubricate door & lock – If your upvc door is open and you cannot lift the handle, this will often be a lack of lubrication however some models of door have features which prevent you from carrying out this test.

Mechanism failure – It may also be a full door lock mechanism failure, there may be some floppiness, crunchiness and a bit of give in the handle when the mechanism is breaking down.

My uPVC Door Handle Won’t Go Down

Gearbox failure – If you can’t push your uPVC door handle down at all, this is most commonly because the uPVC gearbox has failed, the gearbox is the central part of the multipoint lock.

The locksmith can replace the gearbox for you, so the handle will work correctly.

You can find a locksmith near you here.

uPVC Door Handle Won’t Lift to Lock When Door is Closed Shut

Door adjustment – A door handle that won’t lift up to lock when your upvc door is shut closed (but lifts easily when the door is open) will usually mean some door adjustments can fix everything.

uPVC Door Handle Won’t Lift Up or Go Down – Completely Broken

Gearbox replacement – For a upvc door handle that will not lift up or push down and does not work at all, this usually means that the uPVC gearbox will need replacing.

A uPVC gearbox is cheaper to replace than repair, due to the time it would take to repair one.

There are some upvc multipoint locks with door handle problems that will need the entire locking mechanism replacing.

uPVC door handle wont lift - faulty gearbox

uPVC door handle not lifting up or down can be a gearbox problem.

uPVC Door Handle Lifts up Partially & Stops

Door Misalignment – If your uPVC door handle lifts partially but then stops and the key won’t turn fully means that your door has become misaligned.  If your door is not adjusted this can end up with the gearbox failing.

Will I need to replace the entire uPVC door handle?

If you uPVC door handle won’t lift up or down you should not need a new door handle.

The handle itself is not the problem and will continue to work after the main issue has been solved by the locksmith.

How much does it cost to repair a uPVC door handle that won’t lift up?

The price to repair a uPVC door handle that won’t lift up depends on what is causing your door handle problem, expect the price to cost from £80 if just an alignment issue.

uPVC Door Adjustment & Alignment – To adjust a upvc door and fix your door handle not lifting up, the cost should be from £80 dependant on locksmiths labour charges.

See our locksmith hourly price guide for approx costing.

uPVC Gearbox replacement – If the locksmith has to replace the uPVC gearbox to repair your handle not lifting, fitting a replacement gearbox is likely to cost from £175 to £335 including labour – the price will vary on upvc gearbox model, always enquire beforehand.

Time to complete –  fitting a replacement uPVC gearbox will take approx from 30 minutes dependent on door type, so there will be a labour charge by the locksmith.

A uPVC gearbox replacement on a French door could take longer than a normal uPVC front door, especially if the door is stuck in the closed position.

Full uPVC lock mechanism replacement (full uPVC Strip without lock cylinder & handles )
The price of replacement upvc locking mechanisms can vary massively from £80 to over £240, with an hourly labour charge on top of this price.

uPVC Door Hande Wont Lift Up or Down - Replacement Multipoint Locking Strip

A full upvc multipoint locking mechanism may be needed if the handle won’t lift or down

The cost to replace an upvc lock mechanism will depend on the make, as there are many different uPVC locking mechanisms on the market.

For more locksmith costs see our locksmith price guide.

Summary on a uPVC Door Handle Not Lifting Up or Down

In summary, the most common reason why a uPVC door handle will not lift up or down is because of a faulty uPVC gearbox or a door alignment issue.

It is quite rare the problem is with the actual door handle itself.

Repair Your uPVC Door Handle

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