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uPVC Door Lock Mechanism Sticking – Why This Happens

uPVC Door Lock Mechanism is Sticking

If your uPVC door lock mechanism is sticking or is stiff, this is a common problem a locksmith is called out for & easy for a professional to fix.  Sometimes the uPVC door lock problem can reach a point where the uPVC door won’t lock or open properly.

Our advice below will help tell you why your uPVC door is sticking, how a locksmith will fix this, & how you can prevent your uPVC door lock from sticking again in the future.

My uPVC Door Lock Mechanism is Sticking

Is your uPVC door operating smoothly and correctly? If not, has your door been serviced recently? Even though the door is uPVC or composite, the door needs to taken care of regularly especially when it’s not operating correctly

When the door is not operating smoothly for example forcing it locked or unlocked this can lead to far more damage and expense. Get the door looked at ASAP.

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Why uPVC door lock mechanism is sticking or stiff

Weather Conditions

One of the most common reasons a lock mechanism sticks is due to weather changes, this is due to uPVC expanding & contracting in hot/warm & cold weather.

If the door is correctly aligned then there should be enough movement to maintain this tolerance.

Poor Door Alignment

If the door is not aligned properly it will likely need to be adjusted properly.

Aligning a door can include taking all the mechanism apart to removing panels or hinges from the door to move them back to acceptable tolerances.

This should be carried by a competent person like a Locksmith.

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Other Reasons why uPVC Door is Sticking

If your uPVC door lock is sticking or stiff, there could be a number of reasons why your door is sticking:

  • The lock mechanism may need lubricating, see our prevention methods below
  • Door may have dropped
  • uPVC expansion/contraction due to temperature
  • Failure of mechanism
  • Damaged/faulty hinges can cause rubbing on the frame
  • Faulty key or lock cylinder

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Depending on why your uPVC door lock is sticking or stiff, the locksmith could attempt to solve this problem with a number of methods such as:

  • Realigning the door
  • Lubricate mechanism – the locksmith will open door, lubricate in all holes & pull handle down to ensure the entire mechanism is lubricated and works smoothly
  • Adjust the door’s hinges if the door has dropped
  • & a number of other methods dependent on the cause

Do not attempt to realign door yourself

We don’t recommend attempting to realign a door yourself, this is a job for a professional locksmith.

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How to Prevent uPVC Door Lock from Sticking

To prevent your uPVC door lock mechanism from sticking in the future, we recommend:

1. Lubricate uPVC locking mechanism every 3 months

All multipoint mechanisms need to lubricated often, do not use traditional WD40. This is not the correct lubricant, you should use a lubricant with PTFE that won’t attract dirt and grime that can clog the mechanism.

Lubricating your door every 3 months will keep your mechanism smooth and stop any sticking or a stiff front door in the future.

2. Do you notice any difference when locking the door?

As soon as you feel any difference in the locking your door contact your nearest MLA approved locksmith to prevent any further damage to the lock mechanism.

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We have over 340 UK Locksmiths that can help with uPVC door problems.

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