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Locked Out with Key In Door, Key Left in Other Side of Lock?

Locked Out with Key In DoorIf you are locked out with the key left in the door lock on the other side, a locksmith can definitely help. This is a common problem that can be easily fixed.

On this page we tell you how long it should take to open your door, the easiest locks for a locksmith to open and also the cost when keys are left inside your door.

If you are locked out with key stuck in lock click here for what to do and how long it will take a locksmith to fix this problem.

Locked Out? Left Key In Lock?

1. Locked out of House with Key In Door – Can a locksmith help?

Yes, a locksmith can help with a key left in the door, this is a simple job where any good locksmith should get you in with absolutely NO damage to your lock; there should be absolutely no need to drill the lock.

With keys left in the lock, a locksmith can pick standard locks using specialist equipment and open the door letting you back into your home or flat.

You can find a emergency locksmith here with most offering a 24-hour call out.

2. Can a Locksmith Open any Lock with Keys Left Inside?

Locksmiths can help with any type of locked door, even If you are locked out and your key is left inside.

An experienced MLA approved locksmith will have a number of ways to get the door open for any type of lock, without damage to your door or lock.

Other option to open lock could be to get in through another door, like the back door.  A locksmith will always have more than one method to get you back into your home.

Key left in door lock locked out

3. How long does it take open a door with the keys in the door?

It should take a locksmith only 5-10 minutes to open your door if your keys are left in the lock.

The time could longer and up an hour if you:

  • Do not have a letterbox or
  • Have a high-security lock fitted such as anti-snap lock or
  • No other way of access such as bypass through the door or any other entry doors.

For a quote please contact the nearest MLA locksmith in your area who can help.

4. What is the easiest door to open with keys left in the lock?

The easiest door for a locksmith to open with keys left in the door and inside the lock is a door with a letterbox.

5. How much does it cost for a lockout with keys inside?

A locksmith will usually charge from £85 for opening a door with keys locked on the inside, this price should include time taken to complete the job (labour hours) but you should factor in the miles & time a locksmith will need to travel.

Please see our locksmith price list here which also includes a checklist of questions you can ask the locksmith to help stop you being overcharged.

6. How Can I Prevent being Locked Out with the Key Inside again?

If you think you are going to leave your keys inside the lock again and lock yourself out, we would advise fitting a lock with a thumbturn on the inside.

  • A lock with a thumbturn is safer in the event you need to escape
  • Means you can never leave the keys on the inside of the door!
  • Doors can be opened with no damage to the door, but the lock may in some instances need to be drilled.

For advice on fitting a thumbturn lock find a locksmith near you here.

Why use an MLA Approved Locksmith for lockouts?

We have over 300 locksmiths in the UK that are approved by the Master Locksmiths Association, all our approved locksmith companies are:

  • Fully Vetted
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  • Fully Qualified having passed the MLA Exam

A MLA Approved locksmith can open your lock quickly

To find a MLA locksmith in your area click here.

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