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Burglar Alarm Installation – Find Alarm Installers Near Me

Burglar Alarm Installation - Find a Alarm Installer Near You

Find a burglar alarm installer in your area to install & fit an intruder alarm for your home or business. Many of our vetted & inspected locksmith companies also fit alarm systems from bells only, wireless to monitored burglar alarms.

Improve your home security or keep your business secure by fitting an alarm system.

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Burglar Alarm Installation – Types of Alarms Fitted 

Our locksmiths are security experts and can install and fit all types of alarm systems:

  1. Bells Only Alarm System (Non-Monitored)
  2. Monitored Alarm System
  3. Wireless Alarm System
  4. Auto Dialler Alarm
  5. Self Monitored Alarm

The main types of burglar alarms are:

Bells Only Alarm – Audible Alert only

  • Bells only intruder alarms will only make a noise when a burglar attempt is made.
  • Rely on the noise scaring the burglar away or on neighbours to investigate why the alarm has activated.

Monitored Alarm System

  • Monitored Alarms will not only sound but also notify people when activated.
  • Some alarms will notify the homeowner (by phone, text or with smartphones via an app)
  • Some monitored alarms will notify a monitoring centre [often called an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC)] who in turn can notify the police.

How Can I get Police Response from an Alarm System? 

The police will attend an alarm signal from a monitored alarm as long as the system complies with the NPCC Security Systems Policy, which details how the system is installed, monitored and maintained.

The monitored alarm also requires security companies providing this service to be approved by an Independent Inspectorate Body – the NSI or SSAIB and registered with the local police force.

Find out about Police Response here

To receive Police response from your alarm system, then a URN is required, this normally means the alarm has been installed and maintained by an NSI or SSAIB approved installer.

Burglar Alarm Kits – Two Types

There are 2 main formats for alarm kits; wired alarms and wireless alarms.

1. Wired Alarm System

  • Wired burglar alarms are the more traditional formats, whereby wires have to be laid to connect sensors to the control panel and bell box.
  • The fact that they are wired and stop them from being interfered with or signals blocked.

2. Wireless Alarm System

  • Wireless burglar alarms are easy to install and sometimes cheaper than a wired alarm system
  • Can be integrated into a smart home
  • When a wireless alarm is triggered it can alert your phone or email

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We have over 100 Alarm Installation Experts in the UK. All our alarm installers are approved by the Master Locksmiths Association.

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Further Advice on Alarm Systems

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