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Door & Window Lock Repair – Any Type of Lock Repaired

There are a number of reasons why your Door or Window lock will need repairing if it is broken or damaged, you will either be able to fix the faulty lock or you might need a lock replacement.

Our locksmiths can repair all types of door locks from mortice lock repair, composite door lock repair to euro cylinder locks, anti-snap locks and Yale door lock repairs.

Contact your nearest locksmith who can help advise you on the best solution.

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The most common locks to be repaired are UPVC locks on door and windows, which are found on your domestic home front & back doors, they can also be found on French and patio doors.

The follow are types of locks that can easily be repaired:

Door Lock Repair – Locks we can repair

  • UPVC door lock on front and back doors – jammed or broken
  • Composite door lock on front and back doors – jammed or broken
  • Aluminium door lock
  • Wooden or Timber door lock
  • Patio door lock
  • Mortice Lock (sometimes referred to as “Chubb” locks) : where the lock is found within the door itself
  • Night Latches & Rim Locks (sometimes referred to as “Yale” locks) : fits on surface of the door rather than within it – read our guide to night latches here
  • Garage door locks
  • Antique & Vintage locks – this is a very specialist area read our guide on antique lock repair here

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Common Door Lock Repair Problems

The below are issues that can be solved:

Window Locks a Locksmith can repair

The most requested window lock to repair is a UPVC window lock, but locksmiths can also repair and replace:

  • Double glazed window locks
  • UPVC window locks
  • Wooden window locks
  • Sash window locks

As well as locks, locksmiths can often also repair or replace other hardware on both doors and windows such as handles, hinges, door closers etc.

uPVC Window Lock Repair
uPVC door and window lock replacement

Common Window Lock Problems

The below are common window lock issues a locksmith can help with:

  • Window won’t lock
  • Window won’t close or open
  • Window lock Handle is broken

The below are problems a MLA approved locksmith comes across on a daily basis and can help fix:

Door or Window will not Lock

Key in UPVC Door lock

Have a problem with the door not locking?

Common reasons this happens are:

  1. Window or door strikes are not in the correct positionlook for attempted break-ins
  2. Door or window may need professional adjusting to allow correct fitting of door and frame or window and frame
  3. Rubber seal (gasket) surrounding window or door not sitting correctly.
  4. Mechanical failure of the part either locking mechanism in window or door, euro cylinder or hardware problem with broken or worn lock furniture usually (locking window handle or upvc door handles)


Replace faulty parts or realign the door, contact a vetted locksmith near you.

Door Lock is Jammed/Stuck

This problem is usually one of two things usually but can be both.

1. Key won’t turn fully in lock

If the key goes in the lock and will not turn this means the lock is faulty or there is an alignment issue with the door & frame being out of alignment.

Why the key won’t turn

Common reasons this happens are usually because:

  • The lock is worn or faulty, or there is a door alignment issue
  • A cheap lock has been fitted
  • General wear and tear
  • Lock has been glued
  • Something has been inserted into the lock


The lock will need to be replaced once the door has been unlocked & opened, a replacement can then be fitted along with new keys.

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2. Keys goes in lock & turns but won’t open

UPVC/Composite Door

If the key goes into the euro lock and turns, and the door won’t open, this usually means the multi-point lock has failed or a security bolt or hook has jammed.

Why the lock won’t turn

Common reasons this usually happens are:

  • UPVC Multipoint lock may need repairing or replacing
  • Door and frame not fitting correctly or are out of alignment
  • The handles have been forced up to lock and the delicate mechanism has broken
  • General wear and tear


May need a new multipoint locking system and or door alignment.

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uPVC Door Lock Repair


My Door Won’t Shut or Close – Why the door won’t shut

This is commonly of a uPVC door lock not shutting is caused by either:

  • The strike receiver for latch part of the lock not being adjusted correctly or having worked loose and now not being set correctly
  • The door trim rubber has moved & is not sitting properly stopping the door from shutting correctly.

Door or Window Lock is Damaged or Broken 

If your door or window is damaged the most common issues you could be facing are:

1. UPVC Door/Window Lock Problem when lifting (floppy handle)

Why the handle is floppy when lifting

If your door/window lock is very ‘floppy’ when lifting this means the handle is usually due to a worn or faulty locking mechanism.

UPVC Door and Window locks banner

If you have a problem when lifting the handle it’s usually due to faulty mechanism

2. Keys Goes in but have to move key up and down

Why the key won’t work

When a key goes into a euro profile cylinder but you have to jiggle or pull key up or down, it is usually a sign of badly cut keys or a faulty or worn euro cylinder lock.

uPVC Door Lock Mechanisms a locksmith can repair & replace

Locksmiths can repair or replace many different types of uPVC locking mechanisms, usually on site.

Upvc locking mechanisms have evolved over time with the security levels offered originating with the latch and roller style mechanism’s and now usually latch, deadbolt and hook variants on offer from most high-security upvc/composite door sets.

Upgrade Out of Date MultiPoint Locking Mechanisms

MLA locksmiths can also usually upgrade any out of date upvc multi-point locking mechanisms for the higher security, hook and bolt style higher security locking units.

Helping also usually as well with high-security door furniture (e.g. security handles and the latest offerings of euro profile locking technology with anti-snap, bump, pick, drill locks available today.

Popular makes of multipoint lock consist of ERA, GU, YALE, FULLEX, CEGO, MACO, MILA, AVOCET, WINKHAUS, LOCKMASTER, FUHR to name a few.

uPVC/composite Locking Units

Common types of security on upvc/composite locking units consist of:

  • Latch
  • Deadbolt
  • Roller Cam
  • Mushroom Cam
  • Hook & Pin
  • Hook
  • Pin

How much will it cost to repair my locks?

Read our ‘Locksmith Pricing’ Guide – for more help on costs also includes a price checklist to ask the locksmith.

For repair costs see our locksmith repair prices section for approx costs.

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