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Become an MLA Approved Locksmith – Benefits & How

Become an MLA Approved Locksmith with your own listing on our website & full use of the MLA logo, read on for the benefits of joining the UK’s largest locksmith association as one of our Approved Locksmiths.

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    MLA Approved Company Benefits

    Master Locksmiths Association MLA Approved Company Logo

    Why Become an MLA Approved Locksmith

    • 1. Use of the MLA logo on your website, marketing materials, van, clothing etc..
    • 2. Your Own Approved Company Page: a dedicated SEO-friendly  MLA approved company page on the MLA’s website to greatly increase sales leads
    • 3. Listing on Find a Locksmith Page – your MLA approved company profile will be searchable when anyone searches for a locksmith on our website.
    • 4. Featured in yearly Handbook: Your company highlighted in MLA’s Handbook which gets distributed to insurers, police and industry professionals

    For more information on the benefits of becoming MLA approved download our membership pack below.

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    How Do I Become an MLA Approved Locksmith?

    Approved Company membership is for more experienced locksmiths with at least 2 years experience.

    If you are new to locksmithing, see our membership section for other categories of membership.

    Step 1 – Join the MLA

    Step 2 – Take and pass the MLA Exam

    • Pass the MLA exam within 4 years of becoming a registered member

    Step 3 – Automatically Progress to QML Member

    • After passing MLA Exam, membership category automatically updates to QML membership

    Step  4 – Apply to Become MLA Approved Company

    • Your company will be listed in the MLA’s Keyways magazine
    • Listing in Keyways magazine has 21 days for any objections from members

    Step 5 – Board Listing

    • Your application is presented to the MLA board

    Step 6 – Inspection by the MLA

    • Your company is inspected by an official MLA Inspector in your region

    Step 7 – Application signed off by the MD

    • Your approved company application is signed off by the MLA’s Managing Director

    Step 8 – Welcomed into Keyways

    • You are welcome as an MLA approved company into our Keyways magazine

    Step 9 – You are now MLA Approved

    • Your company becomes listed on our website as an MLA Approved Locksmith
    • MLA certificate is sent to you
    • MLA approved company logo sent to you – for use on your website & marketing material
    • MLA Shop & Van stickers are sent to you

    Start the process of becoming an MLA approved locksmith contact us today.

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