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Do I need a qualification to trade as a Locksmith? – Official Statement

Locksmith-Qualification-To-Trade-as-a-LocksmithWe at the Master Locksmiths Association have received numerous questions over the last few weeks about online claims that locksmiths will need to take a new qualification to trade.

The real news says that new qualifications are being launched for locksmithing, the fake news is that they will be compulsory to take it in order to work as a locksmith.

Having contacted numerous government departments who knew nothing about it, we have now heard back from Ofqual who have confirmed that locksmiths WILL NOT need a qualification to trade as a locksmith.

Ofqual Media and Public Enquiries have confirmed:-

Ofqual is not aware of any plans for locksmiths to take any compulsory qualifications, or plans to meet any specific regulatory criteria in order to trade.
–  Ofqual 30th Aug 2019

From an email sent on 30th August 2019 by the Managing Director, Dr. Steffan George, of the Master Locksmiths Association, a screenshot of the reply we have had from Ofqual can be seen below

Screenshot reply from OfQual:


Statement also confirmed by Highfield Qualifications

To gain extra confirmation what Ofqual had stated, we also contacted Highfield Qualifications who are the awarding body behind the new Ofqual qualification being launched in the UK.

In a reply, the Compliance Manager at Highfield Qualifications confirmed there was:

no legal requirement for anyone working as a locksmith to have one of these qualifications

– Highfield Qualifications Aug 2018

Do I Need an Official Qualification To Trade as a Locksmith?

No, despite claims to the contrary you do NOT need any kind of official qualification to start trading as a locksmith and according to Ofqual there are no plans for this to change

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