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Safe Installation – Find a Safe Installer Near You (MLA Approved)

Safe Installation - Find a Safe Engineer to Fit a Security Safe

Find a safe installer near you, we have over 270 safe installation experts in the UK. Looking to install a home safe? fit a wall safe or underfloor safe for your home or business?

As the UK’s largest locksmith association, we have vetted safe engineers that fit all types of security safes for the home, office or business.

Our vetted safe engineers can give advice of the best type of safe to install for your requirements along with supplying the safe.

Find a Safe Installer Near You

Safe Installation, Supply & Fitting

If you need a security safe installing at your home or business, our vetted security safe engineers can supply and install all types of security safes, either a small home safe to a large underfloor safe.

There are two main types of safes that you can use for your home or business.

  1. 1. Data Safes – protect against fire as well as theft and are used for keeping documents and computer data etc.. secure
  2. 2. Security Safes – aimed at storing valuables such as cash, jewellery etc..

Safes we can install

Our safe engineer installation experts can fit all types of security safes & cabinets, or can even move an existing safe and install the safe in a new location.

  • Home security safe
  • Freestanding safe
  • Fire resistant safe
  • Floor/Wall/Fixed safe
  • Underfloor safe
  • In wall safe
  • Gun safe and Gun cabinet
  • Business safe
  • Outdoor key safe

Safe Installation Requirements

The safe will need to professionally specified and installed correctly for it to provide any real protection, you will also need some advice on what safe you should be buying.

Insurance requirements for the safe? It’s best to check with your insurer whether they are specifying certain criteria for the safe, such as cash cover or fire protection rating.

What is it that is being stored? Is it documents or media – in which case you may want to consider a fire safe. If it’s jewellery or cash then you have to consider the rating of the safe in order to ensure the relevant insurance cover!

MLA licensed locksmiths who work with safes will be able to specify and install the appropriate safe and size of safe that will be fit for purpose.

Find a Safe Installer

We have over 270 Vetted Safe Installers across the UK, all approved by the UK’s largest locksmith association.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does having a safe reduce home insurance?

It could well do. If you own a safe to keep your most valuable assets secure, then having a safe may reduce the premium of your home insurance.

The best way to check is by contacting your insurer to see if adding a safe reduces your premiums.

2. Where is the best place to put a safe in your house?

The best place to install a safe in your home will be somewhere where you can fix the safe to either to a solid wall or floor, which form part of the main structure of the building.

We recommend to always keep your safe hidden as well, hiding places can be inside a wall, in a cupboard, under the floor, in a wardrobe, in an attic/cellar etc…

3. How much does it cost to install a safe in your house?

The price to install a safe will vary on many factors, such as the following:

  • Where you are going to install the safe: ground floor or upper floor.
  • The weight of the safe, a larger safe will cost more to install.
  • The day/time of installation: out of hours/weekend installations maybe cost more.
  • How the safe is going to be installed, if installed on plinths this will require more man power and equipment.

4. What is a good size for a home safe?

The size of the safe is determined by the assets you are protecting and the security rating that is required.

If you require a higher rated safe, then a larger safe would be needed. To accommodate safe installations in the home, security safe manufacturers have started to release smaller safes with higher grades.

Find a Safe Installer Near You
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