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Motorcycle Security Guide – Best Way to Prevent Motorbike Theft in 2024

Motorcycle Security - Keep motorcycle scooter or moped secure

Motorcycle theft is a crime on the rise, especially the theft of scooters & mopeds due to to the fact they can be stolen in seconds. Motorcycles are commonly stolen by thieves and broken down into parts, this is why fitting security devices can help stop thieves from stealing your motorbike.

Find out the best ways to keep your motorcycle safe at home, business or if you are on the move, these methods will also stop a motor scooter or moped being stolen.

This guide is put together by ourselves the UK’s largest locksmith association + Sold Secure, who’s expert knowledge has been used to write this guide.

Motorcycle Security Advice & Tips for 2024

If you are the owner of a Motorcycle, Motor Scooter or Moped we cover the following topics all in this guide:

  1. Which security devices to use
  2. How to best fit chains, anchors & disc locks
  3. Advice on what NOT to do with your motorcycle devices
  4. Why to look out for 3rd party approval on chains & locks
  5. Additional methods such as marking your bike

On this page we will give advice & help on:

Ground Anchor  |  Security Chain  |  Garage Defender  |  Disc Locks  |
Alarms/Trackers  |  Sold Secure Approval  |  Additional Security

First up are security devices, these are the most secure way to stop a bike being stolen, although they must be used correctly.

Best Motorcycle Security Devices To Use

Motorcycle with security chain and padlock fixed to street furniture

A motorbike with a chain and lock  |  Image by ABUS

We will cover the DO’s and DO NOT’s of how to use motorcycle security devices.

Along with our opinion on the Ultimate Motorcycle Security Combination.

The first product we recommend using and one of the most secure anti-theft prevention methods is:

1. Ground Anchor


Most motorcycles are stolen by thieves from the home, so using a ground anchor can stop your motorbike being stolen by acting as an immovable object.

A ground anchor is fixed to the floor or wall, it allows you to fit a chain & lock from it to your motorbike.

Motorcycle with security chain fitted to ground anchor

A ground anchor can prevent theft of your motorbike  |  Image by ABUS

Chain and Padlock required: If using a ground anchor you will need a chain and lock to attach from the anchor to your bike.

They can be used at home or your business and can be used either indoors or outdoors.

Fix to Walls and Concrete – They can be fitted to concrete floors, brick walls & even vans, which is why they are also used by Bicycle, ATV and Quad bike owners.

There are two types, these are bolt-down and concrete in.


Motor Scooter with security chain fitted to ground anchor fixed to wall

A Ground Anchor fitted to the wall  |  Image by Oxford

  • DO make sure if you decide to fit it yourself then it is vital that the fitting instructions, which are usually provided with the anchor are followed.
  • DO NOT fit incorrectly as a poorly fitted ground anchor can put your motorbike at risk from being stolen by thieves.


Fitting the anchor to the ground or wall can be done by yourself.

We would always recommend ground anchors are installed by an expert, such as an MLA Approved Locksmith.

Find a locksmith to fit a ground anchor

What is the best motorcycle ground anchor?

A ground anchor that has been approved to Sold Secure Motorcycle Diamond is the best and most secure ground anchor to keep your motorbike secure.

Ground Anchors tested to Motorcycle Diamond are subject to leverage & angle grinder attacks among other attack methods.

Sold Secure Approved Ground Anchors


  • Bike type: For use on a motorcycle, motor scooter, and moped
  • Location: Home or Business premises
  • How to fit: Ideally by a professional but can be fitted by yourself

2. Security Chain & Padlock

Motorbike with security chain and padlock fixed to lamppost to stop thieves

A motorbike with chain & padlock combination secured to an immovable object  |  Image by Squire


Using a motorbike chain and lock is another good way to lock your motorcycle. as it stops thieves from picking up your bike if attached to an immovable object.

Chains and padlocks are commonly fitted around the bike’s frame or around the wheel to prevent your motorbike being stolen.

A high quality (independently approved) chain and padlock should be used.


Motorcycle wheel with security chain and padlock fixed to ground anchor on floor

Ground anchor fixed to the floor with a chain  |  Image by Oxford

  • DO attach them to an “immovable object” such as a lamppost to prevent theft.
  • DO make sure the chain & padlock are kept off the ground & loop the through your bike’s frame
  • DO ensure you use the correct length of chain
  • DO NOT leave the padlock and chain on the ground, this hinders thieves smashing the lock.
  • DO NOT use a chain that is too long, this again can allow criminals to attack the chain if touching the floor.


The combination of a chain & padlock can also be used alongside a ground anchor.

If you are keeping your motorbike at home the use of garage security can be added as another deterrent to thieves.

What is the best motorcycle security chain?

The best and most secure motorcycle security chain is one that is approved to Sold Secure Motorcycle Diamond, this test standard includes an angle grinder attack.

Sold Secure Approved Security Chains

What is the best motorcycle d-lock?

The best motorbike d-lock to secure your motorcycle is a d-lock that is approved to Sold Secure Motorcycle Gold, this is tested against sawing, bolt cropping and other methods of attack.


  • Bike type: For use on a motorcycle, motor scooter, and moped
  • Location: Home, business or on the move.
  • How to fit: By yourself.

3. Garage Door Defender – Motorcycle Stored in a Garage?


Do you store motorbike in a garage overnight? garage door security is the best way to stop thieves from entering.

Can be fitted to most garage doors including up and over garage doors and roller shutters.

Garage Door Defender fitted on Roller Shutter door to stop Motorcycle thieves

‘Secure a Door Lock’ on garage roller shutter door  |  Image by PJB Security 

Garage Door Defender fitted on Garage Door

Garage Defender can stop Motorcycle theft  |  Image by PJB Security 


  • DO ensure the defender is fitted to the centre of your garage door.
  • DO make sure the defender is fitted to a solid base.
  • DO NOT use for inappropriate door types
  • DO NOT fit to inappropriate substrates such as block paving or asphalt

What is the best Garage Door Defender?

The best and most secure type of garage door defender you can use is a product that is approved to Sold Secure domestic silver or bronze.

Sold Secure Approved Garage Door Security


  • Location: Home or Business premises.
  • Fitting: By yourself or a professional.

Other Motorcycle Security Devices

There are other security devices you can use to protect your bike, we look at the best way to use these along with their advantages and disadvantages.

Disc Locks – Add as Extra Security


Another extra device to discourage thieves is using a disc lock, disk locks are portable devices that can be used in the brake disc of a motorbike or scooter.  

Disc locks are portable so can be taken on the move and easily fitted to your motorbike wheel.

Motorcycle disc lock fitted to wheel of boke

A disc lock is fitted to the brake disc  |  Image by Oxford


  • DO use it every time you leave your motorbike
  • DO use in conjunction with other devices such as a security chain, as a disc lock alone will not prevent a motorcycle from being picked up and stolen.
  • DO NOT forget to remove it before you attempt to ride off!

Advantage: A disc lock will discourage theft so thieves cannot move the bike in any direction.  Some are even available as alarmed versions.

Disadvantage: Where possible try not to use as your ONLY way of defense.


  1. Only use a motorbike disc lock as an add-on to more secure devices such as chains & padlocks
  2. Use 2 disc locks, one on the front wheel & other on the back wheel.  This at least stops the bike from being wheeled away.

What is the best disc lock for motorcycle?

The best motorbike disc lock to keep a motorcycle secure is one that is approved to Sold Secure Motorcycle Gold, this is tested against drilling, wedging and other methods of attack.

Sold Secure Approved Disc Locks


  • Bike type: For use on a motorcycle, motor scooter, and moped
  • Location: Home, business or on the move.
  • How to fit: By yourself

Motorcycle Alarm / Tracker

Our advice on motorbike alarms and tracking devices is to be aware that they, on their own, will not physically stop your bike being stolen by criminals.

A motorcycle disc lock alarm fitted to motorcycle wheel

A Thatcham Approved motorcycle disc lock alarm

Always use them in conjunction with other physical security such as chains and locks.   Any fitted alarms and/or tracking devices should be accredited by Thatcham.

We recommend getting an alarm installed by a professional, as installing yourself incorrectly could invalidate the warranty of the bike.

Advantage: Can act as a deterrent to thieves, and can reduce insurance premiums

Disadvantage: Does not stop your motorbike being picked up and stolen like a chain and lock.


  • Bike type: For use on a motorcycle, motor scooter, and moped
  • Location: Anywhere
  • How to fit: A professional

Ultimate Motorcycle Security Combo for your bike

In conclusion, the ultimate way to stop your motorcycle being stolen would be using a combination of the following three devices:

  1. Ground Anchor – acts as an immovable object if using at home or business
  2. Security Chain with Padlock – secures your motorbike to an immovable object
  3. Disc Lock – Should a thief ever break through a chain and padlock, the bike’s wheel will not turn with the use of a disk

Of course, we would recommend that any of the above are approved by a 3rd party.

Sold Secure approval is advised

We would always recommend that any security devices have been tested and approved by a 3rd party such as Sold Secure.

Sold Secure has 2 levels of Motorcycle & 2 of Motor scooter Security


Ground Anchor has met Motorcycle Gold approval  |   Image by Oxford

Tested against Thieves Tools – Motorcycle and Scooter products that receive a Sold Secure rating and depending on grade, are tested against tools used by thieves such as bolt croppers, drills & angle grinders.

Sold Secure ratings to look out for are:

  1. Motorcycle Diamond
  2. Motorcycle Gold
  3. Motor Scooter Gold
  4. Motor Scooter Silver

To find a Sold Secure rated product visit the website below to find motorcycle and motor scooter rated security devices.

View Sold Secure Approved Products

Police recommend Sold Secure approval

West Yorkshire Police logo

Police crime reduction officers usually recommend the use of Sold Secure approved products, with Sold Secure exhibiting at Secured by Design training events every year, ensuring that crime reduction officers receive the latest catalogue.

Can adding Motorcycle Security reduce my insurance?

Adding theft prevention can help reduce your motorbike insurance premiums, although you would need to check with your insurance provider.

Ensuring your product has 3rd party approval such as Sold Secure is again the best way to go, as this is something insurers look out for.

Additional Motorcycle Security Prevention Tips

As well a using any of the above security devices, there are additional steps you can take:

1. Mark VIN Number and Register on Immobilise

Mark your motorcycle with your VIN ( vehicle identification ) and then register for free on the Immobilise website, which is a Police approved database.

Immobilise Protector Register it Logo

Register parts of your bike on Immobilise

Marking parts of your motorbike also makes it hard to sell if stolen.

2. Always Park in a ‘ParkMark’ Accredited Scheme

Whenever parking your motorcycle look out for the ‘Park Mark’ logo.

Park Mark safe motorcycle parking logo

Park your bike in a Park Mark accredited car park

To find your nearest ParkMark scheme visit:


Our conclusion on how to best stop your motorcycle being stolen is to always use a security device that has 3rd party approval such as Sold Secure.

Also, consider contacting a local MLA locksmith as many have knowledge in this area, especially those who are auto locksmiths as some will specialise in motorcycle security.

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