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Who are Sold Secure & What do they do?

Sold Secure Logo

Ensure any security products has the Sold Secure Approved Logo

Sold Secure History

Sold Secure is a company dedicated to reducing the risk of crime by the assessment of security products through manual attack testing.

Established in 1992 by Northumbria and Essex Police with the help and backing of the Home Office, Sold Secure is now owned and administered by the Master Locksmiths Association and works from purpose-built laboratories in Rugby

Sold Secure Building in Rugby

Sold Secure premises in Rugby

Working with companies worldwide Sold Secure assess products to see whether strict performance criteria are met and where applicable allow the use of the coveted Sold Secure approved logo.

Sold Secure Test Security Products

Manufacturers & Suppliers can apply to have their products approved by Sold Secure.

Products which have been satisfactorily assessed may bear the coveted Sold Secure Approved quality mark.

Sold Secure testing tools

Just some tools used to test products at Sold Secure

Approved product information is made available by Sold Secure to crime prevention officers, insurance companies, the home office etc and is available for free in the Sold Secure product catalogue

There are numerous different standards that relate to different types of products and it is important that the relevant approval is sought.

Sold Secure Approval Rating Levels:

Each standard has different levels of approval: Bronze, Silver, Gold and the top level of Diamond that is available only in certain product areas.

Sold Secure Approval Ratings - Gold Silver Bronze and Diamond

Sold Secure Approval Rating Logos for Gold, Silver, Bronze and Diamond

These standards determine the amount of time the test lasts for and the types of tools that can be used, the following are levels of Sold Secure rating that products can achieve:

Sold Secure Gold Approval

Threat Level:

  • The top level of resistance against the dedicated thief


  • Should be used in a high-risk environment

Sold Secure Silver Approval

Threat Level:

  • Greater level of resistance against the more determined thief


  • Should be used in a higher risk environment

Sold Secure Bronze Approval

Threat Level

  • Good level of resistance against the opportunist thief


  • Should be used in a normal risk environment.

Sold Secure Diamond Approval

Is an extra-high security grade used only for specific products such as:

  • Lock cylinders – tested against lock snapping
  • Security Chains, Ground anchors – to improve motorcycle security
  • Portable wheel locks for the caravan market.

So when you’re looking for a security device then make sure it has the coveted Sold Secure approved logo.

What type of products do Sold Secure Test:

Sold Secure test a wide range of security product, that range from the following:

Sold Secure approved Ground Anchor from Henry Squire

Example of product that has received Sold Secure approval

  • Door Locks
  • Motorcycle Security
  • Bicycle Locks – Cable locks, U Locks, D Shackles )
  • Caravan Security – wheel clamps
  • Ground Anchors
  • Security Posts
  • Vehicle Security – steering wheel locks, van locks, wheel clamps

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