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Are Locksmiths Open & Working During Coronavirus?

Are Locksmiths Open and Working During Coronavirus
Are you looking to hire a locksmith during the Coronavirus outbreak in the UK?  As the UK’s largest locksmith association, we have the answers if you need a locksmith during COVID-19.

See our Coronavirus Lockdown & Locksmiths  – Everything you need to know for questions related to locksmith costs, opening hours and services during the lockdown.

Locksmiths are Open

Locksmiths can continue to work in other peoples homes per Government guidelines.
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Last Update: 19th July 2021

All locksmiths are now back open across the UK.

Locksmiths are Open – Locksmiths are back to normal service offering a locksmith service for domestic & commercial customers.

Emergency Locksmiths + 24 Hour Open – All emergency locksmiths are backing offering an emergency service + 24 hour call out to customers in their home and/or business.

Locksmith Shops Are Open – All Locksmith shops are back open, observing government guidelines with social distancing within stores and hygiene precautions

Previous Updates

Last Update: 24th March 2020

Emergency Locksmiths Open in Lockdown: the majority are continuing to offer emergency locksmith services when needed as allowed under the current “lock down” criteria, but locksmiths may well stipulate strict social distancing requirements and ask questions before attending.

Locksmith Retail Shops Majority Closed: A number of our locksmiths have closed their retail shops although this is not mandated by government

Last Update: 17th March 2020

All locksmiths are currently working taking special precautions such as social distancing, asking questions if self-isolating, cleaning hands and equipment before entering customers premises.

You can read how locksmiths are working differently throughout COVID here

The first question you will want to know about locksmiths during COVID-19 is:

Are Locksmiths working during Coronavirus Lockdown? 

Yes, most locksmiths will be working during the outbreak even most emergency 24-hour locksmiths.

You may find some locksmiths who operate a locksmith shop may close their retail outlet though, they may however still offer a mobile locksmith service though.

Locked out the house during Coronavirus, Can a Locksmith Help?

Locksmiths who specialise in lockouts & lock opening will still be operating during Coronavirus, although locksmiths will likely be taking special hygiene precautions during the outbreak such as cleaning any door locks and door handles touched etc.

Customers – we ask customers to ensure locksmiths are aware if they are self-isolating for the safety of the locksmith.

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What Services are Locksmiths offering during the COVID-19 Outbreak?

We have found most locksmiths in the UK are still operating normal mobile and emergency services, so you will be able to find a locksmith during COVID-19 for:

Locksmiths Open During COVID-19

  • Emergency Locksmiths (24 Hour)
  • Lockouts and lock opening
  • 24 Hour locksmith service
  • Replacing lost keys
  • Spare keys replaced
  • Key Cutting and copying
  • Door lock repairs
  • Installing burglar alarms and CCTV
  • Auto Locksmith service for car keys and opening car locks
  • Lost car keys and car key programming

Locksmiths Limited-Service During COVID-19

  • You may find some locksmith retail shops are closed in your area.
  • Some locksmiths may offer a limited domestic service especially those who are self-isolating.

What extra security precautions are locksmiths taking during COVID-19? 

To prevent the spread of the disease, you will find some tradesmen &  locksmiths will be taking extra precautions.

All our staff are equipped with Masks, Gloves, Hand Gel, Alcohol Spray and Disposable Shoe Protectors.

Before we enter site we asses the job and wear the appropriate kit.

Krypto Security

Customers have been asked to let us know if they are self-isolating or if anyone in the property is, and if so appointments will be rearranged

Lincoln Security

Some of the special efforts locksmiths are making whilst attending jobs include:

  • Some locksmiths will be wearing surgical gloves during each job
  • Locksmiths equipped with hand gel, masks, alcohol spray and disposable shoes.
  • Cleaning hands before arrival at customers homes or businesses
  • Wearing shoe covers before entering homes
  • Cleaning work area such as door locks and handles on completion of the job
  • Cleaning hands-on on the completion of job

Read how one of our Approved locksmiths is dealing with COVID-19.

Summary on Locksmiths during Coronavirus

At the moment locksmiths throughout the UK are operating a normal service but taking extra security precautions to prevent the spreading of the disease.

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