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What is the Most Secure Door Chain to use?

Most Secure Door Chain Guide

Are you looking for advice on the best type of door chain to secure your uPVC door and improve your front door security? Using a door chain you are able to stop anyone from entering your home when you open the door.

On this page we will guide you through what is the most secure door chain to use and the standards to look out when upgrading your home security.

1. Door Chains – Improve your Door Security

The two main types of door chains you find are standard door chains ( non-locking versions ) and lockable door chains.

What is the Most Secure Door Chain to use?

We recommend a door chain that has been tested to any of the following standards:

  • Secured by Design accreditation which is also known as being “Police Approved
  • Tested to TS003 – the test specification for doors chain and limiter

Door Chain Installation

What is a Door Chain?

A door chain is a restriction that has been designed to prevent distraction burglary and stop an intruder from entering your home when you open your front door.

A Door Chain fitted to door


  • Easy to fit and Cheap
  • Stops distraction burglary
  • Suitable for the elderly or vulnerable in society


  • Can be fitted incorrectly or poorly, leaving them subject to attack
  • Some people treat a door chain like a door lock, and leave the chain on all the time, rather than locking their door.

What type of doors can door chains fit?

Standard door chains are suitable for wooden and timber doors.

Most chains can be fitted to UPVC doors as long as the correct fixing screws or security rivets are used.  Always check with your insurer and the upvc door supplier on warranty if applicable.

You will find door chains are best used for:

  • Home main entrances
  • Flat entrances

How Much does a Door Chain cost?

A door chain that has been tested to TS003 and is Police Approved should cost from around £10.  Please see our locksmith price list page for information regarding locksmith prices and costs.

2. Door Chain Restrictor for uPVC Door

An alternative to using a standard door chain is fitting a door chain restrictor with ring, which are suitable for uPVC and composite doors, they will fit any door that has a door lever type handle.

You may also want to consider fitting a sash jammer as extra security to your uPVC door which can prevent entry.

Door Chain for UPVC Door

A door chain for uPVC doors


  • Easy to fit and cheap
  • Stops distraction burglary
  • Suitable for the elderly or vulnerable in society

If you have a uPVC door, our best uPVC door handle guide will tell you what the most secure door handle to use is.

Standard for uPVC Door Chains Restrictors

We recommend to look for the below standard if you are fitting a door chain to a uPVC door:

  • Independently tested to PAS24:2012 standard
  • Secured by Design accreditation which is also known as being “Police Approved

How Much does a Door Chain Restrictor cost?

A door chain for a upVC door will cost from £20 if you are looking for the most secure version that has been “Police Approved” and PAS24 tested.

3. Lockable Door Chains

An alternative to the standard chain is by fitting a lockable door chain, which is perfect if you would like to upgrade your security and one that is child proof.

Lockable Door Chains

Lockable door chains are suitable for the following types of doors:

  • Glass panel doors, Aluminium and uPVC doors


  • Lockable from the inside and outside
  • Some are child proof and only opened with a key.
  • Suitable for the elderly


  • No emergency exit if left on the chain and locked all the time.


Please do not mistake any type of door chain as a replacement for a door lock, they are simply to be added as additional security only.

If are looking to upgrade your locks make sure your door locks conform to BS-3621.

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