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Why use an MLA Approved Locksmith?

How We Licence Our Locksmiths

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Are you looking to hire a locksmith? All MLA approved locksmiths have been vetted, inspected and are fully qualified via passing the MLA Exam.

Licenced MLA Approved Locksmiths are

1. VETTED – Criminal Record Checked

All employees of the Approved Locksmith must have had a satisfactory standard DBS check.

  • MLA approved locksmiths undergo strict vetting (including criminal record checks)
  • Locksmiths can only be Criminal Record checked (DBS)via MLA membership.

This is following a change to the law on the vetting of locksmiths implemented thanks to a campaign by the MLA.

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2. INSPECTED – Regularly inspected

  • We conduct regular inspections of our Approved Locksmith Companies.
  • Regular inspections help ensure that our Approved Locksmiths are upholding certain standards in their workmanship and administration.
  • During these inspections, Approved Locksmiths may be evaluated on various factors such as
    a) their compliance with industry regulations and best practices
    b) the qualifications and training of their staff
    c) their use of proper tools and equipment
    d) their customer service and communication skills
    e) and their overall quality of workmanship.

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3. FULLY QUALIFIED – Passed the MLA Exam

  • Locksmiths must have passed the MLA Exam to become a QML (Qualified Master Locksmith) member
  • The MLA exam is Ofqual recognised and the highest locksmith certification in the UK
  • All MLA Approved Companies must employ at least one QML (Qualified Master Locksmith)

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We have over 340 Licence MLA Approved Locksmiths in the UK.

Why the Master Locksmiths Association?

Recognised as the authoritative body for locksmithing by:

I rang 3 MLA Approved locksmiths; all were helpful and answered my questions well. I used Mark from Fortess Security who came next day, was good, advised upon the locks and ensured they were working correctly. Also ensured i knew which keys were which.

This was a very different scenario to other times i have used a locksmith so thank you to everyone for all the hard work and effort to ensure good, trustworthy customer service.

Why do we license MLA Approved Locksmiths?

There is no government licensing of locksmiths, and due to this the Master Locksmiths Association has established its own licensing scheme.

In addition to being vetted & regularly inspected, Master Locksmith Association approved companies must employ a locksmith with a recognised exam based qualification.

Therefore we always recommend checking the credentials of a locksmith.

Benefits of using an MLA licensed locksmith

  • Standards are kept high by the employment of qualified locksmiths, strict vetting and regular inspections.
  • Training is also provided by the Association to ensure members are constantly up to date with the latest industry developments
  • Leading Trade Association for the locksmithing industry
  • Promotes standards of conduct, practice and materials within locksmithing
  • Provides peace of mind to the end customer through it’s licensing scheme, in the absence of Government based licensing

What is a Master Locksmith?

A Qualified Master Locksmith member of the MLA is a locksmith who has passed the MLA Exam proof of competence, and when self-employed the locksmith is likely to progress to become an MLA Approved Company.

Please note: any locksmith can call themselves a ‘Master Locksmith’, not all locksmiths can claim to be Master Locksmith MLA qualified or MLA Approved though.

The MLA Approved Company LogoMaster Locksmiths Association MLA Approved Company Logo

Locksmiths who are MLA approved are allowed to use The MLA Approved Company logo on their websites, van, premises, vehicles and stationery.

Report Misuse of the MLA Logo/Membership Claim

If you believe a company is misusing the MLA Logo and/or claims to an MLA Member please see our Report Misuse of the MLA Logo/Membership page

Why use a MLA Approved Locksmith?

All locksmith companies approved by Master Locksmiths Association are:

Vetted Locksmith


Our Locksmiths are criminal record checked.
How we check our locksmiths

Locksmith Inspection


Our Locksmiths are Regularly Inspected.
How we inspect our locksmiths

Locksmith Qualification


Our Locksmiths have passed the MLA exam.
Read about MLA Exam here

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