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Key Cutting Price List for 2024 in UK + Estimated Times

Key Cutting Price List

Our Key Cutting price list includes the average cost to cut keys with how long it takes to cut a key. Our prices include the cost of key cutting for all types of keys from house to security keys.

We have even included the estimated times of how long it may take to cut different types of keys, from house keys to patio door & garage keys.

Below prices are based on keys being duplicated & copied from an existing key – this known as cut “to pattern”.

Key Cutting Prices

Key Type Estimated Price
(inc VAT)
Time to cut Key
Caravan Key from £7.50 under 5 minutes
Classic Car Key from £11 under 5 minutes
Cylinder – Yale Key
(house key for front/back door)
from £5.25 under 5 minutes
Dimple Key
from £17.75
Filing Cabinet Key
from £5 under 5 minutes
Garage Door Key
from £5.50 under 5 minutes
Mortice Key – (house key for front/back door) from £7 under 5 minutes
Office/Locker Key from £7.25 under 5 minutes
Patio Door Key from £5.50 under 5 minutes
Restricted Key Call for Quote
Safe Key – normal from £22 from 5 – 15 minutes
Safe Key (Double Sided/Bitted) from £36.50 from 10 minutes – 1 hour
Security Key
(e.g. Ultion, Mul-T-Lock, Banham, ABS Avocet etc.. )
from £20 from 5 – 15 minutes
Tubular Key from £13.50
Window Key from £4.50 under 5 minutes

*PRICES VARY: Prices will vary from each locksmith, please don’t take this as an exact guide.

The price will depend on your location, type of key & way it needs to be cut (by code, pattern/copying or by hand) plus if company is vat registered.

Whilst the time taken to cut a key may be short, the equipment locksmiths use to cut keys can cost thousands of pounds.

**SAFE KEYS: There are different types and variations of safe keys, some are double sided (double bitted), which are more expensive, so this is why the prices vary so much.

***WHILE YOU WAIT SERVICE: Most key cutters who cut keys in store will offer a whilst you wait service

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Key Cutting Guide – Popular Questions Answered

Please see our key cutting guide here which answering 15 popular questions, from topics such as broken keys, where to get keys cut to why some keys take longer to cut.

Key Price Chart – Cheapest to Most Expensive

Compiled from our price list, below is a list of what the cheapest key to get copied is, up to the most expensive key your likely to get cut.

Order Of Price
1 = Cheapest  |  9 = Most Expensive
1. Window Key CHEAPEST
2. Cylinder (“Yale” type) Key (house key)
3. Garage Door Key
4. Office/Locker Key
5. Patio Door Key
6. Mortice Key (house key)
7. Security Key (e.g. Ultion, Mul-T-Lock, Banham, ABS Avocet etc.. )
8. Safe Key – normal
9. Safe Key – double sided ( bitted) – MOST EXPENSIVE

Summary on Key Cutting Prices

Price to cut keys:

  • The cheapest key to cut is a window key.
  • The most expensive key to cut is a key for a security safe especially double bitted safe keys.

Time to cut keys:

  • The fastest keys to cut are house keys for doors and windows.
  • The longest wait to get a key cut is getting a key for a security safe.

Security keys that are cut to code for your home can take some time.

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