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Are Locksmiths Police Approved or Registered?

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A number of locksmiths will claim to be Police Approved or Police Registered – but what does this actually mean? In short, it’s usually a warning sign of a potential rogue locksmith.

The MLA has close ties with the police, we recently reached out to the MET Police on locksmiths using their logo & those claiming to be endorsed by MET Police, read their thoughts below.

Are Locksmiths Police Approved or Police Registered?

At the MLA we undertook work to change the law on the vetting of locksmiths, we were informed that there is no such thing as a Police Approved / Police Registered Locksmith.

Police Approved  – No Such Thing

Our dealings with various police forces lead us to believe that it’s that Police forces do not “approved” locksmiths.

Police Registered Locksmith No Such Thing

Again there is no such thing as a Police Registered Locksmith, the police DO NOT register locksmiths.

A locksmith claiming to be police registered or approved is usually the sign of a rogue locksmith.

MET Police Advise Using an MLA Approved Locksmith

The Met Police have their own problems with rogue locksmiths using the MET Police logo without authorization, the MET Police told us:

“We take action against companies and those who misuse our logos and trademarks and who falsely claim to be endorsed by the MPS.

We advise that people only use locksmiths who have been accredited by the Master Locksmith Association

– MET Police

“The MPS does not, as a matter of course, allow companies to refer to the Metropolitan Police Service on their products and materials (for instance on websites) as this can be perceived as providing a commercial endorsement and the MPS does not provide such endorsements.”

Please see our how to spot a rogue locksmith page for signs of a potential rogue locksmith.

All MLA Approved Locksmiths are Vetted

Why the MET Police Advise using an MLA Approved Locksmith

The MLA are proud to have a strict vetting, inspection and qualification procedure in place for our locksmiths:

Our Locksmiths are Vetted

Following a change to the law on the vetting of locksmiths thanks to a campaign by the MLA, our locksmiths are:

  • DBS Checked via the MLA

Find out how we licence our locksmiths here.

Our Locksmiths are Inspected

  • MLA Approved Companies are inspected on a regular basis to ensure standard are maintained

Our Locksmiths are Fully Qualified

  • Personal members must pass the MLA exam in order to obtain QML (Qualified Master Locksmith) status
  • Similarly, in order to gain Approved company status QML status is required
  • The MLA exam consists of a written module and 3 practical exams

No Regulation in Locksmith Industry

So with the lack of any government regulation of the locksmith industry, it’s even more important to make sure the locksmith you choose is somebody who’s been vetted, is regularly inspected and has a proof of competency.

MLA Approved Locksmiths are Fully Vetted

Why use a MLA Approved Locksmith?

All locksmith companies approved & licensed by Master Locksmiths Association are:

Vetted Locksmith
All our Master Locksmiths are criminal record checked


Our Locksmiths are criminal record checked.
How we check our locksmiths

Locksmith Inspection
All our Master Locksmiths are criminal record checked


Our Locksmiths are Regularly Inspected.
How we inspect our locksmiths

Locksmith Qualification
All our Master Locksmiths are criminal record checked


Our Locksmiths have passed the MLA exam.
Read about MLA Exam here

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