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How Much are Locksmith Call Out Charges & Fees?

Locksmith Call Out Charges and Fees

Find out how much a locksmith call out charge is in the UK, what a locksmith call out fee will usually cover and also what the average cost of calling out an emergency locksmith is.

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How Much Is a Locksmith Call Out Charge?

You may find a lot of locksmiths will offer no call out charge fee when hiring a locksmith within normal working hours, the same with 24-hour locksmiths 

The only price you should pay will be the locksmiths hourly labour rate plus prices of parts on top of this.

An example would be a £80 fee that includes first hours labour, then a reduced hourly rate for further hours e.g £65 for 2nd hour on site.

Important: It’s worth noting that the fee may be fixed and will be charged even if the locksmith is on site for less than 1 hour.

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Will an Emergency Locksmith Charge a Call Out Fee?

A lot of emergency 24 hour locksmiths will offer FREE call outs, then bill an hourly labour rate the same as a normal locksmith.

An emergency locksmiths hourly labour rate prices could be as follows:

  • £80 per hour before 6pm
  • £90 per hour after 6pm
  • £100 per hour 8pm till midnight
  • £145 per hour after midnight

Pro Tip: Ask if VAT is included in the price, some locksmiths are not VAT registered.

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Why a Call Out Fee Might be Charged

If you are charged a call out fee by a locksmith this can be because of the following reasons:

  • Hiring a locksmith after 6pm or unsocial hours
  • Call out fee for a bank holiday
  • After hours on a weekend
  • Locksmith has a long distance to travel

Signs of a Rogue Locksmith

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What Will a Call Out Charge Cover?

A locksmith may charge a call out fee to cover the following:

  • Location of work – Call out charge may cover the locksmiths cost & distance to attend the site of work
  • Time Spent on Site – Call out charge may cover time spent on site (for example the first 15 minutes on site)

Our locksmith price checklist is a very useful guide to help ask the correct questions when hiring a locksmith, especially any questions regarding call out fees.

How much is a Locksmith Call Out Fee In London?

If you are charged a call out fee in London, any charges in London may be slightly higher than elsewhere in the UK, this is because of the following factors:

  • Call Out Fee to cover Congestion charges
  • Call Out Fee to cover any London parking charges
  • Charge to cover time spent in London traffic

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Call Out Charge Questions to Ask

Below are some questions we recommend asking your locksmith to about any possible call out charges:

  1. Is there a call out charge or a minimum labour charge?
  2. What does your call out fee cover?
  3. Is VAT included in the charge?

Questions to Ask & Price Quotes

See our useful price checklist of questions to ask a locksmith,we recommend to get at least 3 quotes from local MLA locksmiths.

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