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Sash Jammers Guide for Doors & Windows (Helpful Advice)

Sash Jammers - Advice for doors and windows

A quick & inexpensive way to improve your home security is fitting a Sash jammer to your doors or windows.  Find out what Sash Jammers are, the pros & cons of sash jammers, plus how much a sash jammer will cost you.

We will tell you if sash jammers are good, what the best sash jammers are, plus the cost to fit a sash jammer to your doors or windows.

1. What are Sash Jammers?

Sash Jammers are commonly used as additional security to secure uPVC doors or windows and are available as locking and non-locking options.  A Sash jammer will prevent a door or window from opening should the lock be bypassed by a thief.


Sash Jammers can be fitted to all types of doors, from uPVC, composite & wooden doors to patio & french doors.

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2. Are Sash Jammers Good?

The simple answer is yes, sash jammers are a very good addition to any door or window as they are easy to fit and not expensive.


  • Sash Jammers are a cheap way to improve your uPVC door or window security
  • Easy to fit
  • Fits most types of doors and windows
  • Will fit inward and outward opening doors and windows
  • Can prevent door or window from opening for any attempted break-in


  • Can wear out over time
  • Not all can be locked from the outside, so can only be operated when the home is occupied

West Yorkshire Police recommend sash jammers

3. What are the Best Sash Jammers?

The best and most secure sash jammers are to make sure the sash jammer is one that bolts through the frame and can be operated from the outside, it must also be fitted correctly and have a locking option.

Best Sash Jammers To Use

A Sash Jammer can be fitted to uPVC doors and windows

Extra uPVC Security Tip:

Have a euro cylinder lock fitted to your uPVC door? Read our most secure lock to prevent lock snapping guide, some lock cylinders fitted to uPVC doors are prone to lock snapping.

What is Lock Snapping
uPVC Door Security Guide

4. What Type of Doors and Windows Can Jammers be Fitted to?

A Sash jammer can be fitted to the following types of doors and windows:

  • uPVC Doors and windows
  • Wooden and Composite doors
  • Patio Doors and French Doors

5. What is the cost of Sash Jammers?

The price of a sash jammer will be from around £12 for a good quality jammer, this price is excluding fitting costs by a professional locksmith. Sash jammers are available as non-locking (without a key) and also locking versions which are slightly more expensive.

For the prices a locksmith charges see our locksmith price list here which has a checklist as well.

Locksmith Prices Guide

6. Can I Fit a Sash Jammer Myself?

In theory yes you can fit a sash jammer yourself, we recommend they are fitted by a fully vetted and inspected MLA approved locksmith, who will be able to advise on any other security improvements at the same time such as fitting an anti snap lock to your uPVC door.

A Sash Jammer fitted to front door

Sash Jammer fitted to front door

7. Are Sash Jammers Lockable from Outside?

Yes, there are sash jammers that can be locked from the outside, this helps prevent anyone from being locked inside.

A sash jammer lockable from the outside that won the best product award at MLA Expo 2017 is the Sashstop click here for more info.

Benefit of Outside Lockable Sash Jammers

  • Outside sash jammers are good for carers and elderly people
  • Carers can open the door or window sash jammer from the outside, should anyone have had a trip or fall

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8. How many Sash Jammers Should I Fit on My Door or Window?

Single doors will normally have two sash jammers fitted – one fitted at the top and one fitted at the bottom of the door.

Small windows will only require one sash jammer to be fitted.

Patio doors and French Doors will have 4 fitted on each door, two at the top and two at the bottom.

9. Where Can I Buy Sash Jammers?

Sash Jammers are available to purchase from most online retailers, although most locksmiths in your area will stock sash jammers so can supply and fit them for you.

If you prefer to buy from a shop you can find a locksmith shop near you here.

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