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Emergency Boarding Up – Can a Locksmith Help? & Approx Cost

Boarding Up Smashed Window Glass on Door - Before and After

Before and After of Boarded Up Smashed Glass on uPVC Door

Your local MLA approved locksmith may be able to help board up windows and doors for domestic or commercial properties, some provide a 24-hour emergency boarding up service to board up any broken or smashed windows/doors.

Emergency Boarding Up – Can a Locksmith Help?

A emergency locksmith should be able to fix and board up any damaged or smashed windows & doors, services offered are:

  • Boarding up Broken or Smashed Windows
  • Boarding up Doors
  • Home and Businesses Boarded up
  • Emergency & 24 Hour Boarding Up Service
  • Burglary Repairs

Boarding Up Windows – Smashed or Damaged

If your window has been smashed, glass shattered or broken into a locksmith can board up the window for you:

  • Smashed or shattered glass in windows board up
  • Damaged Home or Office/Business windows boarded up
  • uPVC windows
  • Window Burglary Repairs

Boarding Up Service - Window Boarded Up

Boarding Up Door Repairs

If your door has been damaged or kicked in a locksmith can quickly board up the door for you, once boarded up some locksmiths can even repair & replace the door for you.

Emergency Boarding Up Cost

The approx price for boarding up windows & doors can cost from £100, the price will depend on the damage done to the window or door and size of the window/door.

Boarding up can take 1-2 hours to complete, you should factor in labour costs, your location & hour of the day.

See our locksmith price guide for more on emergency locksmith pricing.

Price Factors for Boarding Up Doors & Windows

The cost of boarding up windows and doors can vary considerable depending on the below factors:

  • How many doors & windows being boarded up?
  • Price depends on the size of window or door
  • Are you boarding up both sides of window or door? This will also factor into the price

We find it is best to send the locksmith photos of the damage so you get a more accurate quote.

Emergency Boarding Up 

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