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Key Stuck in Ignition and Can’t Remove – What to do & Price To Fix

Car Key Stuck In Ignition - What to do

Is your car key stuck in the ignition and you can’t remove the key from your ignition? Find out how an auto locksmith can help, the cost to remove a stuck car key and how long it will take to fix this problem.

1. Key stuck in ignition – Can an Auto Locksmith Help?

Yes, an auto locksmith will be able to help remove a car key stuck in ignition, although sometimes the problem will be with the steering lock mechanism and not the actual car key.

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2. Why is the Key Stuck in the ignition?

A car key stuck in the ignition that won’t release is usually because of a damaged/worn out car key or the ignition wafers have broken.

The three common reasons for stuck car keys are as follows:

  • Damaged Car Key – car keys can become bent, worn out & damaged causing the key to become stuck.
  • Damaged Wafers – your vehicle ignition is made out of wafers, these wafers can bend and break which will cause a stuck key.
  • Steering Wheel Lock – a steering wheel lock failure can cause the ignition to lock at the same time as the steering wheel lock.

3. How much does it cost to remove a key stuck in ignition?

The price to remove a car key stuck in the ignition can be from £90, If your car key has snapped off in the ignition then again will likely cost from £90.

The cost may increase on certain vehicle models such as VAG  (Volkswagen, Audi, Bentley, Skoda) – removing car keys stuck in ignition MUST be carried out by an experienced auto locksmith.

If this type of work is not done correctly the bill could end up over £300.

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4. Will I Require a New Ignition?

For a car key stuck or snapped in the ignition, some models will require a new car ignition this is due to the ignition itself breaking down causing the key to become stuck.

The price for a new car ignition is likely to be from £45 for parts and £70 labour, this price will depend on the type of car model you own though.

5. How long will it take to remove my key stuck in ignition?

This type of job can take up to an hour to complete.

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