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5 Ways To Get Replacement Car Keys ( Lost Or Spare Set )

5 Ways to get replacement car keys

Here at the Master Locksmiths Association we often get asked what the cheapest and quickest ways are to replacement car keys (spare or lost car keys), on this page we will cover the best options and what you should do next.

You were probably looking everywhere to find your car keys and have now given up thinking of places to look, so you start thinking where you can get a replacement car key for a low price.

If you looking for a guide on how to replace your lost car keys we cover the cost of lost car keys to what information required to get a replacement key.

How to get Replacement Car Keys

Here are five ways you can get replacement car keys quickly and without it costing a fortune.

1. An Auto Locksmith

Cheapest – This is usually the least expensive as an auto locksmith will have all the equipment to replace all types of keys and for most vehicle manufacturers models as well.

For example, some garage’s charge a fee just to use their diagnostic software which is used to programme car keys.

Most likely fastest option – As most offer a mobile service (they can visit you) and are experts with vehicle key and locks, they will be the quickest.

Some auto locksmiths sometimes carry key programming equipment worth well over £100,000, they will be able to replace keys for nearly all models and makes of cars.

Well Stocked with equipment & car key blanks – can usually fix it in one visit, can delete old keys so they no longer work (for transponder type keys).

replacement car keys

An auto locksmith can also help with:

It’s not just keys an auto locksmith can assist with, if you are locked out of your car at the same time, they will be able to open the car door and:

  • Replace lost keys – If you don’t have the original key
  • Cut & Copy Vehicle Keys – Provide a spare car key
  • Programme Remote Car Key Fobs
  • Opening Cars – Opening locked vehicles (e.g. if keys locked inside)
  • Vehicle Locks – Change and repair damaged locks
  • Repair keys – they can repair damaged or broken keys

Find the nearest auto locksmith in your area

2. Car Insurance Provider

Could be very expensive – Car keys are sometimes not covered by insurance companies and it may depend on particular circumstances as to whether your policy covers you; each insurance company will have different terms and conditions

Also, note claiming on your insurance may affect your no claims bonus, so could cost you in the long run.

Car Key Cover

Some offer a key cover policy as a premium add-on where they can replace your keys, but this is usually an extra you pay for on top of your car insurance.

Other insurers offer key cover a standalone policy, although some do not cover issues such as stolen vehicle keys.

Some use an auto locksmith: Note that most insurance providers use the services of a specialist auto locksmith to get this done.

3. Vehicle Breakdown Service

Could be slow – Some roadside assistance services may be able to help, but this can depend on the type of vehicle key you need replacing and the equipment the roadside assistance service has onboard their vehicle.

Depending on if the breakdown service has the correct key coding equipment, you could be in for a long wait.

It is why auto locksmiths are usually the fastest option due to the large amount of vehicle diagnostic and expensive car key coding equipment they carry.

A lot of breakdown services use an auto locksmith to complete the work, so going directly to the locksmith will be the cheapest option.

Not experts in keys and locks – they also may not have the expertise that an auto locksmith has in dealing with specific keys and lock types.

4. Franchised Car Dealership

Most expensive – Going to your vehicle dealership may be the most expensive option and could take the longest, unlike an auto locksmith, the car dealer will not necessarily have all the specialist equipment and won’t be able to visit you.

Slowest method – As the dealership may have to order in the key blank this may mean a length of time before they are able to help. Also, a lot will not have the necessary key programming & diagnostic equipment on site.

Also, use an auto locksmith –  A lot of car dealerships use the services of specialist auto locksmiths themselves.

5. Local Garage

Expensive & Slow – The last option could be a garage local to you, although this could end up being expensive due to most garages charging to use the diagnostic equipment.

Garages may well not have the specialist key coding equipment on-site that an auto locksmith carries.

You may also find it very difficult to find a garage who actually can replace and program new car keys as it’s a very specialist area, so it may not be the best choice if you are in hurry.

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