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Van Lock Fitting – Find a Van Security Lock Installer Near You

Van Lock Installation - Find a Van Lock Installer Near You

If you need a new van lock fitting, we have vetted van security lock installers across the UK that fit all types of van locks from slamlocks, deadlocks, sliding door locks to supply of van security locks.

Mobile van lock fitters are also available so you can have van locks fitted at your home or business.

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Van Lock FAQ’s

Our MLA approved locksmiths will be able to fit a van lock to any type of van model from the Ford Transit, Vauxhall Vivaro, Mercedes Sprinter to Peugeot & Renault vans.

Van Lock Installation

  • Van Deadlocks fitted
  • Van Slamlocks fitted
  • Exterior Van locks
  • Van Hook locks supplied and installed
  • Van locks repaired
  • Van Sliding Door Locks and Rear Locks
  • Roof Rack and Roof Bar supplied and fitted
  • Slam handles installed
Van Models Our Installers Work On

Our Van lock fitters can fit locks to all van models such as:

  • Citreon Van – Berlingo, Dispatch, Demo, Relay
  • Fiat – Doblo, Ducato, Fiorino, Scudo, Talento
  • Ford Vans – Connect, Transit (2019, Custom, Custom Kombi, Tipper Double or Single Cab)
  • Iveco – Daily
  • Mercedes – Citan, Sprint, Sprinter
  • Nissan – Interstar, NV200/NV300/NV400, Primasta
  • Peugeot – Bipper, Boxer, Expert, Partner
  • Renault – Kangoo, Master, Trafic
  • Toyota – Hiace, ProAce
  • Vauxhall – Combo, Movano, Vivaro
  • Renault – Kangoo, Master, Trafic
  • Toyota – Hiace, ProAce
  • Vauxhall – Combo, Movano, Vivaro
  • Volkswagen – Caddy, Caddy Maxi LWB , Caddy Maxi LWB, Crafter, T5 Transporter, T5 Transporter Kombi, T6 Transporter, T6 Transporter Kombi

Van Slamlock – Supply + Installation

Our van lock installers can supply and fit a slam lock to any van door, such as side door or rear door.

A Van Slam lock automatically locks the van door once the door is slammed shut, similar to a nightlatch/yale lock on a front door.

Van Slamlock fitted to Side Door on Van

Van Slamlock fitted to side door

Advantages of Van Slamlock

  • Perfect for courier and delivery drivers
  • In and out of your van all day.
  • Helps if you forget to lock your door

Disadvantages of Van Slamlock

  • Van keys could end up locked inside van

Additional Van Security

Our van lock installers can also advice on fitting additional security to your van to help improve the security such as:

  • Slam Handle
  • Lock protection plates
  • Roof Rack and Roof Bar

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a Van Lock Cost?

The average price to fit and install a van door lock we expect to cost around £130 per van door.  The price to fit van locks more locks could be cheaper as the locksmiths labour costs should be reduced due to time spent on site.

See our price guide for locksmith prices and hourly rates.

What’s Best Van Lock to fit to a Sliding Door?

The best lock to fit to the side loading van door depends on the make and model of the van.  A hook bolt deadlock fitted alongside plates to protect the internal factory latch is a secure option.

Get a quote to fit a van lock to your sliding door here.

Whats the Best Van Lock for a Rear Door?

The best lock for the rear barn door of a van is fitting either a hook bolt deadlock or an Armourshell lock.

Can I Fit a Van Lock Myself?

We would recommend any installation of a van lock is done by a professional and qualified engineer, incorrect fitting of any van lock could leave your van at risk of theft.

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What is the Most Secure Van Lock?

The best way to protect your van is by fitting a hook lock on a sliding door and a slamlock/deadlock on rear doors.

The most secure van lock for driver side & passenger side doors on a van is fitting either a slamlock or deadlock.

What is the difference between a Van Slamlock and Deadlock?

The main difference is a Van slamlock automatically locks when shutting the door, there is no need for a key to lock the door.  Whereas a deadlock requires a key to lock and unlock the door once shut.

Where each lock is fitted is different – a van slamlock can be main fitted to a van side door + rear door, whereas deadlocks are commonly used on side doors.

Are Van Deadlocks any Good?

Van deadlocks are a good visual deterrent and offer some level of security against opportunist thief. However, fitting a hook bolt deadlock offers a much higher level of security against an attack.

Are Van Slamlocks Secure?

Yes, a Van Slamlock is secure as it locks behind you, this is why couriers and delivery drivers have slam locks fitted to the rear door, there is no need to use a key each time the van door is shut with a slamlock.

How Can I Stop Van Door Peeling?

To protect your van from ‘peel and steal’ we recommend fitting an anti peel kit, this is fitted to the vans side loading door.

Van Security - Anti Peel Kit to stop van door peeling

You can also fit a van hook look that will prevent the door from being peeled open.

The best van security combination to prevent van door peeling is fitting an anti peel kit AND a van hook look.

Can adding Van Security Locks reduce my Insurance?

Every insurance provider will have a different policy on vehicle security and additional locks.

We recommend speaking to your insurer and make them aware of additional van security locks you have installed or plan to fit.

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We have over 100 Van lock fitters in the UK, that can fit or repair Van locks. All our installers are fully approved and vetted.

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