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Key Won’t Turn In Lock – Why This Happens + How a Locksmith Will Fix

My Key Wont Turn in Lock - UPVC Composite and Wooden Doors

Will your key not turn in the door lock? or the key won’t turn fully or not at all? If your key won’t turn in a uPVC or composite door lock or will not turn in a wooden door lock read our advice below to find out why this happens.

A key won’t that turn in the lock is one of the most common lock & key problems our master locksmiths are called out for, which can be fixed when hiring a professionally vetted locksmith.

Do you have a uPVC/Composite Door?
My Key Won’t Turn in a uPVC Door Lock

Why Key Won’t Turn

If you have a uPVC or Composite Door and the key won’t turn in the lock, the main reason this happens is when the locking mechanism is broken.

1. Locking Mechanism Breaks

When the uPVC locking mechanism breaks, the key will usually not turn and the handle will not pull down.

2. Euro Lock Cylinder Has Failed

Another common cause of a key that won’t fully turn is when the euro cylinder lock may have failed, this will cause the key to not go all the way into the lock preventing the key from turning.

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How a Locksmith Will Fix a Key That Won’t Turn

1. Identify Failure

A locksmith will first solve this by quickly identifying what has failed, and then use their years of knowledge to open the door with no damage.

The most common cause of a key that won’t turn in a uPVC door lock is because of a failed locking mechanism
– Craig Andres (AA Lock & Key – MLA Approved)

2.Open Door & Identity Damaged Mechanism

After opening the door, the locksmith can identify the broken mechanism and if needed the euro cylinder lock sizes and replace either or both.

There are over 400 different upvc/composite door mechanisms – Most locksmiths will stock a vast array of uPVC locking mechanisms, euro cylinder locks and door handle hardware in their van.

A professional locksmith will also carry “temporary” locks –  This is to secure the door if they don’t have the correct parts on the day, enabling them to order the required parts, which they can return to fit.

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Do you have a Wooden Door?
My Key Won’t Turn in a Night Latch

Why Key Won’t Turn

There could be a number of reasons why a key won’t turn in a Night latch (Yale Lock) such as:

  • Wrong key is being used
  • A bad copy of a key stopping the key from turning
  • The snib (black button) on the inside is down
  • The cylinder in the Nightlatch has failed
  • Lock is incorrectly fitted or wrong size.

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How a Locksmith Will Fix a Key That Won’t Turn

To fix a key that won’t turn in a night latch lock, the locksmith will need to first determine the issue causing the problem.

A solution could range from a door adjustment, cutting a new key, replacing the cylinder to using specialist locksmith techniques to open the door if you are locked out.

The locksmith may also choose to open an alternative door such as a back door – this choice would be considered first, especially if there’s a possibility the lock may need to be drilled.

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My Key Won’t Turn in a Mortice Lock

A Key that won’t turn in either a mortice sashlock or deadlock can be a variety of problems with the lock or key.

Why Key Won’t Turn

  • A poorly cut key is being used
  • The lock maybe faulty
  • Door may have warped
  • Lock may need lubricating
  • Lock has been tampered with, causing damage
  • The lever spring has failed or become loose
  • The lock or key could just be worn out
  • Mortice lock may need a service or replacement, especially if 20 plus years old

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How a Locksmith Will Fix a Key That Won’t Turn

To fix a key that will not turn in a mortice lock, a locksmith will first determine what is causing the issue.

A number of solutions can range from trying to turn the key with the door open, adjusting the door, cutting a new key to replacing the lock.

Never try to lock a mortice lock with the door closed if you have a problem with it. 

Try any keys you have on BOTH sides of the door, if the key works in one side & not the other, visit your local MLA locksmith to cut replacements keys.

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