Car Key Repairs – Broken or Damaged Key?

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If you have broken your car keys and need them repairing or even got your car keys stuck in the lock/ignition to your vehicle a auto locksmith approved by the MLA can help.  They will either repair the key, provide a replacement key or if it’s a remote key fob the key can be reprogrammed.  Remember a MLA approved auto locksmith can repair any type of key for any vehicle (car, van, truck, motorcycles to caravan).

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Common problems with broken car keys / damaged car keys that can be repaired / solved

  • Car key is broken or damaged
  • Transponder chip in car key is broken / damaged
  • Repair car key fobs
  • Car key has snapped
  • Car key is worn out
  • Car key has been jammed in the ignition to your vehicle, will not turn or cannot be removed
  • Car key has snapped off in the ignition
  • Car Key is faulty intermittently


Types of vehicle keys that can be repaired

  • Remote key fobs ( most will need programming )
  • Transponder keys ( most keys after 1995 are transponder keys with a chip inside  )
  • Standard Car keys ( don’t control the central locking )
  • Motorcycle and Motorbike keys
  • Van keys
  • Other vehicles such as caravans / trucks etc..

Should the vehicles transponder key or remote key fob be damaged or broken, you will require auto locksmith specialising in key programming, which is a more specialised area compared to standard car key cutting.

Snapped or damaged your car key?

If you have a broken key or have damaged your vehicle key then the locksmith to need to have the key part in stock or order it in.   The chip will then be removed from the key and then reinserted into a newly cut key.

I have a worn out key

A auto locksmith will be able to re-cut the key back to original specification and the immobiliser chip ( fond in transponder keys ) can be re used in a new key.

Is your vehicle key stuck / won’t turn in the ignition?

If your car key is stuck or not turning in the ignition barrel an auto locksmith will be able to help.   They will be able to diagnose whether the problem is key related or ignition system related.

If key related then will be able to cut a new car key and reprogram the car key or if ignition related they may try to repair the ignition, or failing that replace the ignition if there is nothing that can be done.

My car key is snapped in the ignition

A auto locksmith will be able to extract the part of the vehicle key left in the ignition and provide a replacement car key for you.

Remote Car Key Fob Repairs

If you have damaged or broke the remote key fob to your vehicle this could cause the many issues with a vehicle such as:

  • Car door not opening
  • Vehicle not starting

If you require a replacement or the fob repairing it will need reprogramming, locksmiths specialising in reprogramming key fobs will be able to help out in this case.

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