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If you’re locked outlost your keys, require a spare key cutting, want to change  & replace your locks or need to upgrade your security etc. then you should call your local MLA Licensed Locksmith.

You can find a local MLA locksmith on our website, we recommend you put their number into your mobile phone so you have easy access to it in case of emergency.

As there’s no government based licensing scheme for locksmiths, anyone can advertise as a locksmith irrespective of their background or competency.

This has obvious serious security concerns when you think about the work that a locksmith does! For this reason, the MLA runs its own licensing scheme for its approved companies.

MLA approved companies have been vetted, are regularly inspected and have to employ a qualified locksmith (somebody with an exam based qualification as opposed to somebody having simply been on a training course).

By using Master Locksmiths Association approved companies, customers can rest assured that the tradespeople they are using are trustworthy and of the highest quality.

Never scrimp when it comes to home security. How much are the contents of your house worth? How much do you value you and your family’s security at?

It’s not worth trying to save when it comes to locks etc so make sure you have good quality, professionally fitted locks to your property.

Locksmiths also specialise in keys and locks for vehicles so can help with lost car keys, providing replacement car keys, opening locked vehicles and even give advice on motorcycle security.

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Why use a MLA Approved Locksmith?

All locksmith companies approved & licensed by Master Locksmiths Association are:

Vetted Locksmith
All our Master Locksmiths are criminal record checked


Our Locksmiths are criminal record checked.
How we check our locksmiths

Locksmith Inspection
All our Master Locksmiths are criminal record checked


Our Locksmiths are Regularly Inspected.
How we inspect our locksmiths

Locksmith Qualification
All our Master Locksmiths are criminal record checked


Our Locksmiths have passed the MLA exam.
Read about MLA Exam here

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