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Interview with Jen McKeown, from Locksmith Training to Business Entrepreneur

We recently interviewed Jen McKeown, a participant in our 2 Day Foundation Course and Level 2 Opening Module, to offer an insight as a woman in locksmithing and how MLA training has helped her and her business.

Jen McKeown Women in Locksmithing

Jen started her locksmith career working for her dad as a locksmith for a national franchise. Taking a short break from locksmithing for a few years, Jen came back into the profession starting up her own business.

Keen to sharpen her skills, Jen attended the MLA foundation course, giving her the confidence she needed to set up her business.

“I found the foundation course a great help in building my confidence back up and giving me the push I needed to set up my business.”

“I think a women only Foundation course is a great idea and could help more women into the industry! Quite often, courses are predominately attended by men, and I can see how that would deter some. Whilst I’ve always had a great experience attending the MLA training, having a women only course would bring a different dynamic.”

Women in Locksmithing Foundation Course

Jen loves the flexibility that having her own business offers, being her own boss, and enjoys locksmithing for the problem-solving and the ability to help other people. She admits it was scary initially as it was a big investment, but it has definitely been a worthwhile venture.

“I keep my branding clean, clear and simple this helps people see right away what I do, and I think this helps people remember me and get the jobs.”

Jen admits it’s not always easy being a female locksmith…

“I still get some customers that are shocked when I turn up for the job [rather than a man], even though the clues in my business name – Locksmith Jen! I also find I get questioned a lot more about what I’m doing and my processes, when I don’t think my male counterpart would. I’m also often asked ‘how did you get into locksmithing?’, where again I don’t think a man would.”

But it also has its clear advantages.

“I do find that people are more accepting of my prices, trusting me more to give them a fair deal and not rip them off. And a lot of women are pleased to have a female locksmith. I approach customers by just being myself, and I think they appreciate that.”

More recently, Jen attended our level 2 opening module to help her feel more confident with lockouts and enable her to take on more complex non-destructive entry jobs that she’s currently been reluctant to take on.

“I’ve already booked onto the High Security Cylinders course to expand my opening skills even further, and eventually, I do intend to take the MLA Exam as I do get asked about qualifications, and it would add to my credibility”.

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