Interview with a Locksmith – Benn Lock & Safe

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The next MLA Ppproved Locksmith taking part in our ‘Interview With a Locksmith’ series, is Richard from Benn Lock and Safe, based in Peterborough.

We are going to be asking some of our MLA Members some general questions about themselves and their companies, plus questions relating to the Locksmith industry in general.

So if you are already in the industry, an outsider looking in or looking to become a locksmith, hopefully, some of our member’s answers will provide an insight into the industry and maybe answer some questions you have had about locksmithing in general.

Company Name: Benn Lock and Safe ( Visit Approved Company Page )
Location: Shop and office at 13 St Davids Square Peterborough PE1 5QA
Location: Peterborough
Years Trading: Since 1977,  We started in the Intruder Alarm business and were constantly asked to fit and repair locks and safes too.  One thing leads to another.

What advice do you have for people wanting to become a locksmith?

Get a job with an established company and get training.

How has being a member of MLA helped you as a locksmith?

Very much.  We get jobs passed on; we pass on work; we get the benefit of being part of the MLA team.   There are other membership benefits also.

How has business been since the recession hit?

Our business model is along the lines of a specialised maintenance company.  So if it’s broken we have to fix it.

Are there any funny stories from your time in the industry that stick out?

Been in it too long, many stories all too long to go into here.  Eg, being threatened with a machete, call the police, they can’t come because it’s shift changeover time.

  • Man in underpants who doesn’t know the bailiff is calling today.
  • Wife watching from across the street – sad, not funny that one.
  • Contents of safe – long ‘tirade’ on outside of an envelope – ‘there’s a ten shilling note inside’  opened envelope (sixty years later) there’s the ten bob note!  Safe falling out back of a van.
  • Go to see a new customer, knock on the door, the girl opens, “can I speak to your mum” says I?  …I’ve never said those words again!
  • A lorry arrives with safe weighing 2 tons – fork truck capable of lifting one ton – whoops!

What are your plans for the future?

Son in business now so more of the same, just better trained, better equipped, more safety conscious.

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