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8 Expert Tips to Help Secure Your Home This Autumn

Autumn Home Security Tips

With the arrival of autumn and the gradual darkening of our evenings, it’s unfortunate that break-ins become more prevalent. We are urging homeowners to exercise extra caution as the clocks go back.

As we prepare for shorter days and gain an extra hour of sleep this month, the risk to home security increases significantly. Autumn is notorious for witnessing a surge in home burglaries.

However, taking some simple precautions can minimize the chances of falling victim to crime as daylight hours dwindle.

Read top expert tips from the UK’s largest locksmith association to help keep your home secure this Autumn:

1. Seek professional assistance to fortify your security. 

Autumn Home Security - Lock Cylinder and upvc door

Combat the seasonal upswing in crime by engaging fully vetted, inspected, and qualified professional locksmith to safeguard your home.


An MLA-approved locksmith possesses the expertise to assess your security and recommend suitable locks, fittings, and additional measures to enhance safety. They can also upgrade and install the necessary security hardware.

2. Discourage potential burglars from even considering your home. 

Autumn Home Security - Roof

With the clocks going back and the nights growing longer, it’s the perfect time for opportunistic burglars to strike. However, you have the power to fortify your home and make it an unappealing target for these criminals.

  • Exterior of Home – Start by conducting a thorough examination of your property’s exterior, as its appearance alone can deter crime.
  • Neglect of House – Don’t overlook any visible signs of neglect, like shattered windows, as they can serve as beacons, marking your property as an easy hit.

By taking proactive measures to maintain your home’s exterior, you can send a clear message to would-be thieves that breaking in is simply not worth the risk.

3. Prioritize top-notch security. 

Front Door

It is imperative to invest in high-quality security measures that not only save you money in the long run but also provide lasting protection. Don’t compromise on the quality of security features you choose.


To explore a comprehensive range of independently tested security products that guarantee the safety of your home, visit:

4. Ensure that you don’t hand over an open invitation to a cunning burglar.

Spare set of keys

Take the necessary precautions to safeguard your tools and other objects that could potentially aid in a break-in, such as ladders.

Additionally, it’s wise to reflect upon the last time you had your keys replaced. There’s a possibility that previous occupants or tenants may still possess access to your property, or worse, someone might have clandestinely duplicated your keys.


If you find yourself concerned about these possibilities, it would be prudent to enlist the services of a skilled locksmith to change your locks.

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5. Ensure your home remains impenetrable. 

French Doors

Enhance the security of your home by equipping French doors with both top and bottom bolts, or reinforce UPVC doors and windows with sash jammers. Side windows, often targeted for quick access, warrant extra attention; consider fortifying them with reinforced glass or even blocking them up altogether.

To augment security without compromising aesthetics, adorn your windows with decorative grilles and bars.


Remember, never leave your keys in the locks or near doors or windows, as this may inadvertently invite trouble. Safeguard your home and protect your peace of mind.

6. Illuminate your home and fortify its security. 

Home with Exterior Lights On Outside

Sensor Lighting

Embrace the power of dusk to dawn or sensor lighting, strategically placed at both the front and back entrances of your dwelling. These luminous guardians shall ward off potential miscreants while aiding your evening homecomings.

Additional Home Security

To further bolster your defences, contemplate additional security measures such as installing a burglar alarm and CCTV, formidable deterrents against nefarious intruders.

Opportunistic thieves are drawn to seemingly vacant residences, so consider incorporating light timers throughout your abode (ensuring at least one is positioned upstairs) as the encroaching darkness of nightfall looms.

Alternatively, a “fake TV” device can be employed, casting an illusion of flickering television light upon a wall, effectively creating the illusion of an occupied domicile.

7. Don’t overlook the importance of safeguarding your outbuildings.

Garage with padlock

It’s common for folks to prioritize the security of their homes while completely neglecting their garages or sheds. Little do they realise that these structures often house valuable equipment, gardening tools, powerful machinery, and even pricey mountain bikes.

Take a moment to double-check that all your outbuildings are securely locked and consider investing in locks and security markings for the valuable items stored inside.

Know you’re in safe hands.

If in doubt, seek advice from a trusted and experienced professional. MLA locksmiths are independently vetted and inspected, and many will be able to perform a complete security assessment of your home free of charge.

We would always recommend it as being best to hire a professional locksmith to ensure that the job is done correctly.

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