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Find a key cutter near to you using our search tool, a locksmith offering a Key Cutting service can cut keys by code or by hand.   Do you need a spare set of keys cutting for your property? or you might require a replacement set of keys cut for a variety of reasons you might have lost your keys, damaged your keys or just need a spare set.

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Types Of Keys that can be Cut

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A locksmith approved by MLA will be able to duplicate any set of keys and also cut keys to fit any type of lock you wish.   This could range from car key cutting to copying keys for security safes, front and back door keys for the house, windows keys, church keys etc…

  • Keys for Cylinder Locks * typical house key *
  • Key for Mortice Locks
  • Key for Rim Locks
  • Garage Door keys
  • Ancient / Antique Key
  • UPVC Doors and Windows
  • Double Glazing Key
  • Padlocks
  • Tubular Keys
  • Vehicle Keys
  • Vehicle Transponder Key
  • Cupboard / Desk / Locker Key
  • Restricted Key ( usually with a code on the head of the key )
  • Patented Keys ( restrictions may apply )
  • Keys for Security Safes
  • Double Sided Key
  • Four-sided key
  • Paracentric key
  • Internal Cut key
  • Abloy key
  • Dimple key
  • Zeiss key
  • Boat keys

Antique & Vintage Keys

Old vintage keys are a specialist area of key cutting, locksmiths specialising in cutting old keys will be able to help with any of the following types of key:

  • Old Church Keys
  • Skeleton Keys
  • Heart Keys
  • Flat / Barrell
  • Suitcase / Briefcase Keys
  • Old Furniture (cabinets/desks/chest drawers )


Types Of Key Cutting Services

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A MLA Locksmith will be able to offer a variety of key cutting services should you need a replacement set of keys, most will be able to cut keys in store should they own retail premises, or cut keys on site if they are emergency locksmith.    In some instances, you key may just be broken and stuck in the door, again a MLA Locksmith will be able to provide you with a copy of your keys

  • Keys Cut To Code
  • Broken or Damaged Keys
  • Duplication of Keys should you need a spare set of keys

Other Keys We Can Cut


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