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Find a key cutter near to you using our search tool, a locksmith offering a Key Cutting service can cut keys by code or by hand. Β  Do you need a spare set of keys cutting for your property? or you might require a replacement set of keys cut for a variety of reasons you might have lost your keys, damaged your keys or just need a spare set.

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Types Of Keys that can be Cut

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A locksmith approved by MLA will be able to duplicate any set of keys and also cut keys to fit any type of lock you wish. Β  This could range fromΒ car key cuttingΒ to copying keys for security safes, front and back door keys for the house, windows keys, church keys etc…

  • Keys for Cylinder Locks * typical house key *
  • Key for Mortice Locks
  • Key for Rim Locks
  • Garage Door keys
  • Ancient / Antique Key
  • UPVC Doors and Windows
  • Double Glazing Key
  • Padlocks
  • Tubular Keys
  • Vehicle Keys
  • Vehicle Transponder Key
  • Cupboard / Desk / Locker Key
  • Restricted Key ( usually with a code on the head of the key )
  • Patented Keys ( restrictions may apply )
  • Keys for Security Safes
  • Double Sided Key
  • Four sided key
  • Paracentric key
  • Internal Cut key
  • Abloy key
  • Dimple key
  • Zeiss key
  • Boat keys

Antique & Vintage Keys

Old vintage keys are a specialist area of key cutting, locksmiths specialising in cutting old keys will be able help with any of the follow type of key:

  • Old Church Keys
  • Skeleton Keys
  • Heart Keys
  • Flat / Barrell
  • Suitcase / Briefcase Keys
  • Old Furniture ( cabinets / desks / chest drawers )


Types Of Key Cutting Services

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A MLA Locksmith will be able to offer a variety of key cutting services should you need a replacement set of keys, most will be able to cut keys in store should they own a retail premises, or cut keys on site if they are emergency locksmith. Β  Β In some instances you key may just be broken and stuck in the door, again a MLA Locksmith will be able provide you with a copy of your keys

  • Keys Cut To Code
  • Broken or Damaged Keys
  • Duplication of Keys should you need a spare set of keys

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