Free Locksmiths Seminars and Advice for Insurers and Brokers

The Master Locksmiths Association has been involved with the insurance industry for quite a while and over the past couple of years has ramped up it’s contact with them, providing free seminars to insurers and brokers on lock related standards and what they need to be asking.

As part of this, the MLA were recently involved in a presentation to around 50 insurers at the Birmingham Insurance Institute. The presentation, given by a member of RISCAuthority and surveyor for Aviva highlighted the importance of standards, both for physical products and services.

The attached document was provided to attendees and may be of use to those of you who are in the insurance world, so please feel free to download a copy.

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If there’s anything further we can do to assist, for example if you’d like us to come and give you/your company a presentation on lock standards etc then we’d love the opportunity to speak to you.

Drop us a line on or ring us on 01327 262255.

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