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Jordan Morrison, Morrison Locksmiths: Beginner to MLA Approved Company

Jordan Morrison Interview

Tell us a bit about you and your business.

My name is Jordan Morrison I am 28 years old and I am a qualified master locksmith and a graduate of the university of the west of Scotland (UWS). My main hobbies are judo, karate, and motorcycling. I like to keep busy.

Morrison Locksmiths is my small business located in Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, Scotland. I have been in operation for a little over 2 and a half years and provide services to the whole of Ayrshire. Morrison Locksmiths is primarily a domestic and commercial locksmith company; however, we are always looking for disciplines to expand into and build on my current knowledge.

How did you become interested in locksmithing, and what led you to pursue it as a career?

I began my business after discovering a passion for the art and skill of locksmithing and a drive to find a fulfilling and enjoyable career. Building upon my engineering background and my interest in all things mechanical and operational, locksmithing was a natural progression for me.

My qualifications and experience in engineering provided the basis for which my inquisitive research into the principles and skills of locksmithing began. From there, hard work and determination to succeed drove me to where I am today.

What was your biggest challenge starting out? And how did you overcome it?

Starting out I was employed full time; making the transition from this to owning and operating my own business was the biggest challenge I have encountered. The risk involved in leaving a permanent, secure position could deter even the most driven individual; but by investing time, hard work, and resources, as well as having the support of my wife, family, and friends I was able to take that risk and achieve my dream.

What advice do you have for other people who are considering a career in locksmithing?

My advice to others who are considering a career in locksmithing is to not give up. When starting out it may seem that the cost of resources and materials is too high or the time it takes to learn and build skills is too long, but if you have the same passion and interest as I do, my advice is to start small.

I began by picking locks at my desk with a basic picking set, moving on to bigger locks, dismantling and reassembling them; doing hours and hours of research, listening, and talking to other locksmiths across the country.

Once I had established the business I grew slowly, starting out by borrowing my father-in-law’s tools, one of which was a drill that was 30 years old and only ordering stock I needed. The more experienced I gained, the more my business grew and grew to where it is today.

How did MLA training help you in your journey?

Training through the MLA was vital in my journey as a locksmith and director of my own business and without the MLA I can safely say I would not be where I am today.

I sought to gain the knowledge and skills I needed to become an experienced locksmith.

The MLA were able to provide this through the wealth of knowledge and experience of their instructors and courses they have to offer. Learning from someone who has been in the business for many years is a crucial part of being able to develop the confidence and initiative that is needed to be a locksmith.

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How did becoming a personal member of the Master Locksmith Association help you and your business?

I believe that by being a personal member of the MLA I gained credibility in my profession and built confidence in my customers and clientele that I was a professional in my field and could be trusted to complete a high standard of work. In turn, supporting the growth of myself and my business.

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How did you find the MLA exam? What advice would you give to anyone planning to take the exam?

Before I took the MLA exam, I felt that I would not be good enough to pass it as I am still a relatively new locksmith and I did not come from the traditional route of an apprenticeship or from a large company. I am also Dyslexic and was worried about the written exam. In addition to this I live 340 miles away and did not want to have make the trip twice to re sit the exam if I failed the first time.

My advice would be to discuss any concerns you have with the MLA staff and any additional support needs and they will assist you the best they can.

In my situation they really went above and beyond, I was able to request an exam preparation guide 6 months before the exam. They provided me with my own room where our very own Jeff Turner tested me on the written exam questions.

I would recommend doing the exam preparation/ exam weekend as it gives you a better understanding of what is required to pass, in addition to this if you are unsuccessful in an area of the exam and there is enough time at the end you may have the chance to re-sit that element.

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What made you make the jump to become a full MLA Approved Company?

Having my business be MLA approved was my goal from the outset. I was and continue to be determined to show professionalism and instil confidence and trust in my customers. I believe that by being an MLA Approved Company my customers can have assurance that my business has their best interest at heart and can provide them with high quality work and a high standard of service.

How do you stay updated on the latest developments and technologies in the locksmithing industry?

To stay updated, I receive Keyways, which provides current information on the latest developments and technologies in the locksmithing industry, as well as containing other useful experience from fellow locksmiths.

Additionally, I continue to research and review content created by others in the industry and attend locksmith conventions conducted by the MLA and other suppliers i.e. MLA Expo. These conventions can be vital in reviewing first-hand the latest technology available, across the country and globe.

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Can you share a memorable success story where your locksmithing skills made a significant impact?

I have numerous memorable success stories where my locksmithing skills made a significant impact, especially in times of emergency situations; such as those locked out of their home, changing locks for domestic abuse victims, or repairing locks for individuals with additional support needs in assisted living conditions. However, my most memorable success story is my own.

My skills and passion in locksmithing have allowed me to build a successful business from nothing. They have given me a career I am passionate about and enjoy every day, not only providing a service for the community, but helping to support my family.

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