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Interview with Lloyd Morgan of London Locks as seen on BBC This Morning

Interview with Lloyd Morgan of London Locks Locksmith

We recently interviewed Lloyd Morgan, a local locksmith company based in Bow, London. Lloyd’s expertise was recently recognised when he was featured as a Master Locksmith on a BBC This Morning TV programme.

Ever since Lloyd passed the MLA Exam and achieved MLA Approved Company status in October 2022, he hasn’t looked back. Initially apprehensive, it took Lloyd 15 years to join the MLA. However, he has gained a newfound confidence and boosted his business beyond expectations.

Discover more about Lloyd’s journey to becoming a locksmith. If you’re looking to join the locksmith industry or currently a trading locksmith, find out how MLA membership has contributed to his business success and why he regrets not becoming an MLA Approved Company sooner! 

1. So tell us a bit of a backstory about yourself, when did you become a Locksmith and how long have been a Locksmith?

Back in the early 2000s I used to be an event manager in the promotions’ industry, firstly travelling the UK then the globe putting on some amazing events, but I got tired of not being at home, paying for a home I was never at and not seeing my friends.

I started my journey into locksmithing with the now defunct British Locksmith Association (BLA) based in an industrial estate in Tilbury, Essex. With money my late father left me, I invested in every course they had to offer.

Like all training centres, I was sold the promise of unlimited earnings and charging what I wanted for every job. I invested in a decent van, sign witting and all the tools I thought I’d need, and I set out into the night..

It was a long slog, but I landed on my feet, I got busier and busier and took on an apprentice after a few years. Took on loads of estate agent works and repossession jobs which took me all over London.

“In my later years, I undertook the MLA Exam and passed the QML exam, which turbocharged our business to a whole new level.”

Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t an easy journey. I knew very little and learnt the hard way. I replaced a few doors in my early days…

Why take the MLA Qualification

2. What advice do you have for people wanting to become a locksmith?

Have funds in place to see you through the early dark days. The market is flooded with people will to do jobs for pennies. Establish yourself as a quality, honest service provider and stick to your guns. Customers who want something for nothing are not customers you want.

I was concerned about going VAT registered as it was going to increase our charges, but it actually made us more credible and no one was bothered having to pay the extra 20%.

The next logical step for anyone wanting to prove their worth is to have your skills measured by your peers.

Which is why I recommend joining the MLA & undergoing the MLA QLM Exam. The accomplishment is a personal satisfaction.

How to become a locksmith guide

3. How did you find out about the MLA?

I was almost scared of the MLA, thought I was never worthy, and my skill set was subpar. After about 15 years of dithering, I joined as a member and started to attend the London region meetings. Spoke to many QMLs who gave great advice and boosted my confidence.

I booked the exam with training and the rest is history. I passed with flying colours, although I did need to retake the make a key to the Chubb 3g110 module as I was a little overzealous!

4. How has being a member of MLA helped you as a locksmith?

The MLA has helped boost my own confidence. To be tested and excepted by your peers based on your knowledge and skill is an amazing feeling.

The feeling of accomplishment to pass the QML is second to none. The next logical step after your QML is to become an approved company. Which comes with its own added benefits.

“The business gains for me personally were mind-blowing.”

I paid off my company subscription in the first week of being on the “find a locksmith” site.

We now get around 5 gold-plated leads a day. Leads via the MLA are savvy customers who want quality over anything else. They have done their due diligence and want the best. 90% of leads win a job.

Being the only MLA approved company in our own little part of London gives us a real advantage and makes me regret not jumping onboard sooner. I will be putting my staff through the process soon too.

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5. You’ve attended a number of MLA training courses, how have they helped you and your business?

I have attended many MLA locksmith training courses to help bolster my confidence and offer improved and new services.

The best courses I’ve attended have been the advanced courses, especially fire door maintenance course, composite door course, and electrical fault-finding course.

All of which are very important, and a good locksmith should have decent knowledge in these fields.

Especially fire doors! A wise man once said – “if you think compliance is expensive, you should try non-compliance.” – Basically, there is no excuse for ignorance. Not after Grenfell where there always needs to be a fall guy – Don’t be that guy!!

View all Locksmith training courses
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6. What made you make the jump to become a full MLA Approved Company?

Going full on “approved company” was a no-brainer. Only becoming a QML is like having chips with no stake.

Invest in yourself: Take the plunge: Don’t look back.

Become a MLA approved company

7. Last year, you appeared on the BBC This Morning programme as part of the MLA rogue locksmith campaign. How was that experience?

We recently appeared on the BBC This Morning show for a segment on rogue locksmiths about a local customer who didn’t do his due diligence and hired a cowboy who simply had to turn the curtain on a 3g110 and extract the broken key, but instead he drilled a 38 mm hole and charged the customer north of £700.


It was quite an experience having 5 crew and cameras in your working workshop. And of course, of the 4 hours onsite there was a lot of cuts to the footage.

How to spot a  rogue locksmith

8. Are there any funny stories from your time in the industry that stick out?

I used to do a lot of repos back in 2008 during the last proper financial crash, one has always stuck in my mind. I arrived at 09:00am at a council estate in West London, apparently the owner hadn’t paid any rent in nearly a month.

Instead, spent all his money on cladding the entire ground floor flat in marble. — a man’s home is his castle, after all..

Anyway, he refused to exit, so as I was drilling his rim cylinder he was screwing the door shut from the inside. After I Micky moused it, we could see him in the hallway, with power tools, shouting and threatening us.

When he threatened to blow up the building, it all turned rather sour. Police had to be called, who in turn called the fire brigade.

Anyway, fast-forward 8 hours, the police had to call hostage negotiators who had their go before armed police threw flash bangs in and a broke the door down. You win some, you lose some. I lost the open, but a full day’s pay was the reward.

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