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Locksmiths Should be Added to Key Workers List during Coronavirus COVID-19

Locksmiths should be added to Key Workers List during Coronavirus

Locksmiths are not currently named on the government’s Key Workers list. We believe locksmiths should be added to the Key Worker list during the current Coronavirus  / COVID-19 outbreak.

Find out the scenarios you could potentially find yourself in if a locksmith is not added to the key workers list.

Please note that at the moment whilst we are aware a number of locksmiths have closed their retail shops, most locksmiths are continuing working on emergency jobs during COVID-19 with some carrying on as normal as allowed by the Government.

We believe it is important that locksmiths can continue to offer at least emergency services, even in the event of any strengthening of the lockdown in the future.

What is the Key Workers List?

It has recently been announced that schools will be closing to everyone excluding vulnerable children and those with a parent who is classed as a ‘key worker’.

The list of those classified as a key worker has been broken down into 8 main categories from transport workers through to the police, however, we are campaigning for the addition of Locksmiths as a key worker to this list.

Most local governments have indicated schools may not reopen properly until the end of the summer.

What jobs are currently on the Key Worker List?

The full key worker list announced by the Government includes:

  • Frontline health workers such as doctors and nurses
  • Some teachers and social workers
  • Workers in key public services including those essential to the justice system, religious staff and public service journalists
  • Local and national government workers deemed crucial to delivering essential public services
  • Workers involved in food production processing, distribution, sale and delivery
  • Public safety workers including police, armed forces personnel, firefighters and prison staff
  • Essential air, water, road and rail transport workers
  • Utilities, communication and financial services staff, including postal workers and waste disposal workers

Why Locksmiths should be added to Key Workers List?

Apart from potential childcare issues stopping them from performing emergency work, the main reason is if any tightened lockdown scenario is introduced by the Government then locksmiths need to be able to get to their customers to perform emergency work.

MLA locksmiths are being contacted by councils, housing associations and hospitals who are extremely concerned locksmiths won’t be able to do vital jobs for them if they’re not key workers.

Key Worker Status for Locksmiths

The current Key Worker status is effecting Locksmiths as there are many cases within the profession where a Locksmith may be a single parent.

More importantly, If we get stronger enforcements that come into place regarding lock downs which may restrict the ability to travel and who can easily get to work.

Since COVID-19 Lock Down on 23rd March 2020

Whilst the recently announced “lock down” has enabled tradespeople to continue working.

We feel it important that emergency jobs can continue to be performed in the event of any further restrictions on travel/working are put in place.

If a full lockdown happens then this could affect all locksmiths who offer emergency services and are operational during the crisis.

Locksmiths Can Help NHS & Care Homes during Coronavirus

Whilst we doubt any emergency locksmith work could be stopped, for clarity, we feel it important that locksmiths are added to the Key Worker list so that the minds of vital customers such as hospitals, care homes, NHS staff etc can be put at rest.

Why Locksmiths may be required during COVID-19

  • If locksmith services are not available public will call police/fire services
  • Increase pressure on emergency service tend to have a correlation with burglaries
  • Vulnerable individuals locked out or locked in properties
  • NHS staff locked out or locked in properties
  • Businesses and public wanting to increase security
  • Polices Forces – locked gun cabinets
  • Hospital wards with master key suites making emergency requests for extra keys and locks when creating isolation wards
  • Hospitals & NHS opening storerooms, fixing locks on drug cabinets
  • Hospitals & NHS maintaining access control systems
  • Hospitals & NHS locked out medical supply room
  • Care workers – requiring access to properties, helping if door lock has failed
  • Care homes – helping if drug cabinet locks fail
  • Helping public locked in flat with a faulty lock
  • Businesses and public wanting to increase security, or dealing with the aftermath of a burglary/break-in

Locked out of your House during COVID-19?

What Happens if Locksmiths are not on Key Workers List?  

Firstly if a locksmith isn’t on the Key Workers list then they may not be able to attend to get you back into your property as they are having to deal with childcare issues.

Secondly, and more worryingly, during any potential enhanced “lock down” scenario then it is vital that locksmiths are able to continue offering their emergency services.

To offer an emergency service locksmiths will have to be able to travel and work unimpeded, we believe that being added to the Key Workers list will help achieve this.

Why can’t the emergency services help with lockouts?

The police and fire service will have far better things to be doing than dealing with calls about being locked out or being unable to lock doors etc!

The emergency services also don’t have the tools or knowledge of how to get you back into your property with minimal (if any) damage.

Should anyone untrained attempt a locksmith’s work such as door lock repairs or opening a lock this could also lead to further security issues in the future.

Sign Our Petition

As we campaign for the addition of locksmiths to the Key workers list we ask you to support this by signing our petition.

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