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Hall of Shame – Examples of Shocking Locksmith Work

Hall of Shame - Bad locksmiths at work

MLA Approved Company Locksmiths are regularly called in to repair poor locksmith work.

The shocking work on this page is usually Rogue Traders acting as ‘Locksmiths’, so we have decided to showcase some of these horror stories below.

Why are locksmiths allowed to get away with this?

The reason these so called locksmiths can get away with ‘work’ like this is because there is no governing body for locksmiths in the UK.

This means anyone can call themselves a locksmith.

Examples of Poor Locksmith Work

NOTE: images shown in the gallery are NOT work done by MLA Locksmiths!

These scam locksmiths show why its imperative to always use an MLA Approved Locksmith

Why use a MLA Approved Locksmith

All locksmiths approved by the Master Locksmiths Association are:

  1. 1. Vetted
  2. 2. Inspected
  3. 3. Fully Qualified (Exam based competence)

Should you have a complaint against an MLA approved company we would fully investigate the matter, something a lot of rogue traders do get away with.

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Why use a MLA Approved Locksmith?

All locksmith companies approved & licensed by Master Locksmiths Association are:

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Our Locksmiths are criminal record checked.
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Our Locksmiths are Regularly Inspected.
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Locksmith Qualification


Our Locksmiths have passed the MLA exam.
Read about MLA Exam here

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