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Cylinder Lock Vulnerability – Prevent Lock Snapping

Whilst there is a lot of scaremongering on various websites out there about specific types of vulnerabilities that euro cylinders (the most common form of locking device used in UPVC and composite doors) are liable to, the important thing is not to panic, as a professionally specified and fitted cylinder will help protect you. The MLA recommends the use of SS312 Diamond approved cylinders as these have been tested fully against all known MO’s for burglars. 

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A diamond standard cylinder helps protect against lock snapping

Details of anti snap cylinders approved to this high level of testing can be found on the Sold Secure website.

For more information about lock snapping, and how to prevent cylinder snapping we recommend you read our What is Cylinder Snapping? page and also our What is the Secure Lock to Prevent Lock Snapping? page


In a “belt and braces” type approach, you may want to talk to your local MLA licensed locksmith about upgrading your door furniture (for example fitting high strength security handles) for your added peace of mind.

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