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Good & Poor Home Security – A Visual Guide

Security Advice for your Home

We’re delighted to provide you with some helpful home security advice for your property, a guide highlighting in an easy to understand visual format, the differences between a home with poor security and one with good security.

Not only do MLA Approved locksmiths fit locks but they can also do security surveys for homes and can help with improving your security, such as what anti snap locks to use,

Home with Poor SecurityUnsecure House Drawing

This first picture above shows a home with poor security (click on the picture to download as a PDF in a larger size).

  1. You’ll notice the overgrown vegetation that helps shield the front from the roadside, thereby providing useful cover for burglars.
  2. The old and insecure doors and windows
  3. Door and Windows In some cases left open
  4. The unlocked window next to the flat roof with the handy drain pipe that can be used to climb up onto it
  5. A poor state of repair of the fence
  6. Shed with tools readily accessible for any burglar to use
  7. Accessible through an unlocked gate or the holes in the fence.

Home with Improved Security: 

This second picture, however, shows the same property but with the security issues identified and improved. (Click on the picture to download as a PDF in a larger size.)Unsecure House Drawing

  1. Good quality doors and windows have been fitted (with the appropriate locks which are closed and locked).
  2. The window next to the flat roof has a lock and the window into the garage has a grille over it.
  3. Items in the garage are secured using a ground anchor and chain
  4. Shed tools are stored securely in the locked shed
  5. Garden is now protected by good quality and sturdy fencing and a locked gate
  6. Additional security has also been added in the form of a visible alarm, CCTV and a professionally specified and fitted safe.

A good source of information on good quality security products such as ground anchors, chains, padlocks etc is Sold Secure

Don’t forget MLA Approved Locksmiths offering a commercial locksmith service can install the correct CCTV systems, home alarms, security Grilles and bars to install to protect your business.

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