Hall of Shame – Examples of Poor / Bad Locksmith Work

While on the job, MLA Approved Company Locksmiths are usually called in to repair poor locksmith work.  These are usually Rogue Traders acting as ‘Locksmiths’, We have decided to showcase some of these horror stories below.  These scam locksmiths show why its imperative to always use a MLA Licensed Locksmith

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What our members came up against….


Rogue Locksmith leaves 30mm hole in Deadlock | Rogue locksmith spent 60 minutes opening the lock | Emergency opening, Charged £177 | Holesaw used on door | Destruction left by Rogue Locksmith | Drilled Union 3G115 Deadlock | A badly fitted lock | X Men Laser Blast on Door! | Levers verses 5 spacers | Drilling gone too far | Chain drilled rimlock | holesaw taken to lock | Lady wanted a rim night latch fitting to a door at the top of a cellar head | Poorly fitted security bolt | Filed down bolt on mortice lever lock | Attempted entry ruins wooden door | Damaged Lock from incorrect drilling | Door lock attempted entry | attempt to get into door lock | Sash lock badly opened | A Badly opened sash lock | How NOT to key alike two 3G11O's | Lock Cylinder ready to be snapped | A Garage Door Lock was not working.. we wonder why! | How not to fit a lock on a cash office | Door Aluminum Plates Outside View | Door Aluminum Plates Inside View | After all that - The wrong door lock was fitted! | Cowboy locksmith work | How to ruin a Chubb Mortice Lock | Chubb 5 lever mortice lock ruined then resorted to using a Crowbar! | Trying to gain entry | Using the wall as the keep?! | Didn't know this was a shed door! | A Piece of red rope will always secure a door! | damaged wall | Door Latch 'Locksmith Fail' | A Oversized Euro Lock | Attempt at Drilling Lock To Open Door | Another Euro Lock Cylinder Fail | Smashed Door outside View of the Door | The Damaged Door Open | How not to open a door! | How a idiot fits a fire exit panic bar! | How a idiot fits a fire exit panic bar! 2 | Locksmith cylinder installation fail | Locksmith doesn't know how to fit a cylinder | How NOT To open a steel skin door!! | How Not To Modify Handle | Union Strongbolt Drilled Open | Delicate piece of Locksmithing! | Lock Heated Up To Try and Open It! | Adams Rite Release Fitted?! | Adams Rite Release Fitted?! | Door Lock Attempt Fitting | Door Lock Attempt Fitting | Door Lock Attempt Fitting Closer View | Attempting something... | Trying hard to get open the lock... | Destructive Attack On Bolt | Extreme Access To Drill Lock | Inappropriate Night Latch Fitted | Nightlatch Overlapping On Door | Poorly Fitted Nightlatch | Rogue Locksmith Drilled Lock | bad job on door | Snapped Locks | what not to do! | two damaged locks | poorly fitted cylinder lock | damaged door with holes | A more comprehensive view of a very poorly fitted magnetic lock | very poorly fitted magnetic lock fitting | Poor Installation of a Access Control System | Poor Fitted Euro Cylinder Fitted To Door | Damaged Lock | Rogue Locksmith Attempt to Open a Door | Rogue Locksmiths 4 Hour Attempt Number One | Rogue Locksmiths 4 Hour Attempt Number Two | Rogue Locksmith leaves 30mm hole in Deadlock


NOTE: all of the images shown in gallery is NOT work done by MLA Locksmiths!

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