MLA Exam – Become a Master Locksmith

MLA Exam - Become a Qualified Master LocksmithLocksmiths that are looking to be recognised as a qualified master locksmith and progress to become a MLA Approved Locksmith are first required to take the MLA Exam.

Find out below what the MLA exam is all about, the benefits of taking this exam, cost and when the next exam dates are.

What is the MLA Exam?

The MLA Modular Exam consists of 4 modules:

  • First day: Written (50 questions), Fitting (a euro mortice deadlock to a door)
  • Second day:
    – Open a Bs 5 Lever Mortice Lock
    – Key cutting by hand

Why should I take the MLA Exam?

Taking the MLA Exam allows you work towards fully MLA Approved Company status and as a locksmith make claims of being a Qualified Master Locksmith (QML).

>> Find a MLA Approved Company Here – Approved Companies are listed on our website.

Advantages of taking the MLA Exam

1. Gain Qualified Master Locksmith Status

a) Qualified Master Locksmith (QML) status is granted once passing the MLA exam.
b) More Benefits Qualified Master Locksmith status has more benefits then as a personal member.

2. Become MLA Approved with Approved Company Membership

a) Requirements to become MLA Approved:

  • 1 QML member per 5 locksmith staff

b) Benefits of Approved Company Membership:

  • Unrestricted usage of the MLA logo on all promotion materials, your website and your vehicle
  • Webpage listing on our Find a Locksmith near me page

To enquire about approved company membership contact us below:

Who is Required to Take The MLA Exam?

Registered MLA Members – It is a requirement that all registered members must take and pass the MLA exam within 4 years of membership.

New MLA Members – It is recommended for new members to take  1 exam module per 12 months of membership.

The ultimate deadline to pass the MLA Exam is all 4 modules within 4 years.

How Much Does the MLA Exam Cost?

There are two ways to take the MLA Exam 1) with Coaching beforehand or 2) Without Coaching.

1. MLA Exam With Coaching Prices:

A days coaching beforehand with hints and tips to prepare you for the exam:

MLA Member: £113.00 inc vat PER MODULE
Non Member: £187.00 inc vat PER MODULE

2. MLA Exam WITHOUT Coaching Prices

Those who feel more confident can take the exam WITHOUT any coaching before the exam:

MLA Member: £79.00 inc vat PER MODULE
Non Member: £124.00 inc vat PER MODULE

Latest MLA Exam Dates

Can I take one Module at a time?

Yes, you can sit one module at a time, or all the modules at once, it is completely up to you how many modules you want to sit in one go.

Is the MLA Exam a lifetime Award?

Yes once taken and passed you DO NOT have to take the exam ever again.

How many years experience do you recommend before taking the exam?

In terms of experience we recommend at least 2 experience as a locksmith before attempting to take the MLA exam.

Is the MLA Exam easy to pass?

Again this dependants on how much experience as a locksmith you have, and also if you are a quick learner.

One of the stumbling blocks our exam tutors come across is lack of product knowledge in regard to the written exam.

PRO TIP: We recommend reading various product brochures from manufacturers and wholesalers.

Do I Become a Qualified Master Locksmith after Passing the Exam?

Yes, absolutely you do.  This allows you then work towards becoming MLA Approved with full use of the MLA logo and listing your locksmith company on our website.


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