Abrasive Wheel Training Course – 1 Day Certification

Abrasive Wheel Training Course
1 Day Abrasive Wheel training course put together by the Master Locksmiths Association is perfect for those who use Angle/Bench grinders at work.

Attendees on this course will receive a 5-year certificate to prove their competency of using Angle & Bench Grinders in the workplace.

Certificate Valid for 5 Years

After attending this course

The MLA runs a course that follows (PUWER 98) guidance and will issue a certificate allowing you to demonstrate competency for a 5 year period from the date of the course (which will thereafter need to be renewed) which we believe is an easy way of showing compliance.

Abrasive Wheel Training Course - hands on practical

If you use abrasive wheels then the inspector may ask to see the evidence of competence during their inspection so please ensure you have the information available.

To help with this the MLA has paid for one of its experienced members to be trained up and able to deliver the required training to other members.

Abrsive Wheel Training Course

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Location: MLA HQ in Rugby, Warwickshire
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What is covered in this course?

Abrasive Wheels

Abrasive Wheels section image

  • Preparing risk assessments
  • Recognising hazards
  • How to keep hazards from becoming incidents
  • Proper safe storage of discs and wheels
  • Understanding codes and standards on discs and wheels
  • Choosing the right disc for the job
  • Varying types of abrasives and how they work
  • Selecting correct items of PPE
  • Machine maintenance
  • Disc and wheel mounting procedures

Who should attend:

Anyone who works with Angle/Bench Grinders at work.

After the Course:

You’ll be able to mount wheels or use Angle/Bench Grinders within accordance with UK compliance.


Those attending will receive a certificate.

Abrasive Wheel certification expires 5 years after the issue of attending the course.   

Why attend the course?

Under the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER), it is a legal requirement for those involved in the use of abrasive wheels to be properly trained.

These regulations have totally replaced the Abrasive Wheels Regulations 1970 for the safe handling, storing, mounting and use of grinding wheels.

In addition, new safety standards for abrasive wheels and grinding machines and new codes of practice for the safe use of these products have also been introduced.

Abrasive Wheel Training Course -In Workshop

This has widened the scope for training to include those manufacturing, specifying, selling, purchasing, supervising and using abrasives.

Most recently, the implementation of the General Product Safety Regulations (2005) has extended the requirements to cover abrasives used in the consumer market”

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