Training FAQs

The following page covers questions that we regularly get asked about our training courses from people wishing to become a locksmith.  Should you have a question not answered on the page below contact us.

Course Related


1. I am a complete newbie to locksmithing, which course do you recommend?

We recommend our 5-day beginners course, although if you want a quick taster our 1-day novice courses are a great starting block.


2. Where do your locksmith training courses take place?

Our courses take place at MLA headquarters here in Daventry, Northamptonshire.


3. Do you offer training courses in other places of the UK?

Our courses only take place here in Daventry, although we do run a selection of training classes at regional meetings, please see our Facebook events page for future meetings we run. 


4. Do you offer online training to become a locksmith?

As locksmithing is a hands-on job, online training is difficult to provide in this technical area. A lot of knowledge is gained by touch and feel and this, of course, can’t be delivered via an online medium.
A large amount of time spent on our courses see students working on locks on-site at our training headquarters.



5. Do I need to bring any Locksmith Tools with me for the course?

If you’re looking at taking any of the 3 optional modules (Fitting, UPVC & Opening) you’ll need to bring some basic tools – something that we can send you a list of, upon application.


6. Do you offer tools discounts?

Yes, we can provide details of these, should you become a member in the future, however, we don’t include tools in our training as the tools you’ll need will depend on the work you do and also geographical location. Also, a lot of basic tools you can make yourself. 

Costs and payment related


7. How much do your training courses cost?

For full details of prices please email or see our calendar for dates and prices.


8. Do you offer a discount on courses?

As we’re a not-for-profit organisation, sadly we cannot, BUT reduced prices are available if you’re a member of the MLA – all newbies to the industry usually start out as a ‘Student Member’ of the MLA.


9. Do you accept Enhanced Learning Credits as payment?

Sadly do not accept enhanced learning credits (ELC).


10. Once booked on the course can I cancel?

Bookings are non-transferable/ non-cancellable unless there are extenuating circumstances


11. Is Accommodation available?

Accommodation is not included in the price, however, details of accommodation in the local area can be provided on request by contacting us

Earnings and Salary


12. How much can I earn as a trained locksmith?

The National Careers Service reports that average earnings in the UK are around £25,000 pa. It’s hard to quantify self-employed locksmiths, but the figure’s likely to be considerably more, depending on hours worked, services offered, local competition etc.

Qualifications Related


13. Do I receive a qualification after attending your courses?

There is no nationally recognised qualification in the locksmithing industry, although you do receive a certificate of attendance after completing our courses.


14. Are there any English & Maths Requirements to attend your locksmith courses?

There are no requirements at all.

After the courses


15. Do you offer ongoing support?

We certainly do – as a member, there’s the opportunity to attend regional meetings to assist with your career development and even your business start-up as well as access to members via the MLA forum or on our MLA Members Facebook group.

Career Path and Progression


16. After the Beginners Course, can I become a locksmith straight after?

While the course is comprehensive, like any vocational career, you’d need to gain some experience to substantiate any prior learning. Typically, it can take up to 3 years to become a competent locksmith although you’ll never stop learning!


17. Can I set up my own business after the course?

Yes, you can. Most of our students learn on the job and start on small projects and gradually work their way up. We’re not, however, going to promise loads of work – it’ll be down to you to establish your customer base and build your business.

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18. How can I progress my career?

Offer More Services

We offer intermediate and advanced courses if you wish to specialise in a specific area – these include growing areas within the industry, such as bench locksmithing, APG & aluminium doors, furniture locks and security safes.

Become a MLA Approved Company

You can become a MLA Approved Company and use the MLA logo and be featured on our website – you will need to have a good amount of experience & knowledge, pass the BLI Exam ( 1 part written/3 part practical ), and pass the inspection.

Other locksmith courses


19. Do you offer courses to become a auto locksmith?

As locksmithing is a very diverse industry we only handle the domestic side of locksmithing. However, if you wish to learn about auto locksmithing such as car key cutting and programming we recommend you contact the auto locksmith association

20. What other courses do you run? 

We also run a 2 day safe opening & opening course for those wishing to offer a safe service as part of their business.

There is also a 1 day electrical safety course run at our headquarters which is essential if you are connecting to fused spur.

For those who have a little more experience in the industry there are advanced locksmith courses which cover 4 modules includes a level 2 opening course & module on furniture locks.

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