Intermediate & Advanced – Locksmith Training Courses

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We now have an advanced level programmed designed for students who wish to practice as a locksmith at a higher level. It’s designed for someone who’s either completed our beginners locksmith courses or for someone with experience looking to increase their skillset.

4 Choices of Intermediate & Advanced Locksmith Courses

There’s a choice of 4 modules, depending on the areas of locksmithing you’re looking to work in, including:-

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Below is a breakdown of what you will learn on each these course during the day:

Modern Mechanical Locksmithing – Bench Locksmithing (Half Day)

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Key Machine Set-up, Calibration & Maintenance

Disassembling & Re-assemble Euro Profile Cylinders

  • Methods of disassembling
  • Passing
  • Mastering
  • Modular assembly to construct the correct size
  • Re-profiling & changing cams 

Key Cutting by Hand

  • Lever, warded & safe locks

General Lock Repair

  • Silver soldering
  • How to fit a drill pin
  • How to extend a key
  • Re-springing a lever


 Modern Mechanical Locksmithing – Furniture Locks (Half Day)

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  • Lock recognition – logos, marks & shapes
  • Key recognition – convenience, logos & head shape
  • OEM
  • Key cutting
  • Lock decoding (various methodologies)
  • Core removal (core removal key or bypass tool)
  • Key code identification
  • Master keys & pass keys
  • Opening & bypass methods (incl. picking)
  • Furniture lock & mechanism repair
  • High security container locks
  • Radial Pin Tumbler locks – opening & decoding  


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Modern Mechanical Locksmithing – Aluminium and Armour Plate Glass Doors module ( Full Day )

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pdf-iconCourse Information Leaflet

APG Doors & Locks

  • Definition
  • Different types of applications
  • Where & how they’re fitted
  • Different types of rails
  • The ‘Patch System’ explained
  • Pitfalls of removing & re-fitting
  • H&S-related issues

Aluminium Doors

  • Types of springs used
  • Distinguishing between the side & end load, hold open & non-hold open method
  • Different sizes & their applications
  • Fitting
  • Types of closers & pivots
  • Adjusting/calibrating aluminium doors
  • Types of locks & fitting them in conjunction with Access Control systems
  • Specialist hardware (e.g. fire escape applications)
  • H&S-related issues




Modern Mechanical Locksmithing – Opening Module (Level 2) (Lever) 

  • Various methods of entry explained
  • Opening authority procedures
  • Detailed lock identification through the keyhole
  • How to successfully drill BS curtained mortice locks
  • Including hints Tips and how to avoid dangers of failure
  • Hands on drilling of BS mortice locks
  • Instruction and hands on NDE of BS mortice locks
  • Including hand picking and lock decoding using many of the tools available and some home-made tools.


NOTE:  This module is aimed at the more experienced locksmith (rather than complete new entrant) and so those taking it should have either taken the Level 1 opening module, or have a good understanding of lever lock terminology, how locks work and understanding of basic opening techniques


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Next Available Course Dates

June 2018 Courses

Aluminium and Armour Plate Glass Doors (Full Day) 18th June 2018 – Member £305 | Non Member: £355
Opening Module (Level 2) (Lever) 19th June 2018 – Member £305 | Non Member: N/A
Furniture Locks (Half Day) 20th June 2018
 – Member £145 | Non Member: £175
Bench Locksmithing (Half Day) 20th June 2018 – Member £145 | Non Member: £175

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