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Electrical Safety Certificate Course

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This Electrical Safety Certification Training Course run by the Master Locksmiths Association covers topics such as dangers of electricity, the laws affecting locksmiths working with electricity plus there are theory and practical exams.

Details of the course can be found below.

Why attend the course?

  • Do a lot of access control work?
  • Intend to get into in more depth in the future?
  • Need a certificate of competency to satisfy
  • the Electricity at Work Regulations?

Incorrectly fitted plug costs £14million in 14 minutes

Following stringent electrical safety regulations could present profound consequences for you and your customer. Here’s one example of what could happen when electrical work is carried out without holding the appropriate certification…


One electrical fitter carried out a routine job in Canary Wharf at the prestigious headquarters of HSBC. The untrained operative – who hadn’t received the certification in electrical safety – installed a new plug, which in turn tripped off the entire electrical supply of the Trading Floor. Meanwhile, in a twist of fate, a certified electrical safety operative was repairing the back-up generators. Typically, the auxiliary systems would’ve kicked-in to supply power, but on this occasion, were isolated during the repair. The result – a Trading Floor without power for 14 mins.

Company analysts estimate that approximately a million pound a minute was lost in potential global transactions; a total of around £14 million! As most Public Liability Insurance policies are limited to £10 million, it’s unlikely HSBC would’ve be able to claim for the loss of earnings. Meanwhile, both the operative who installed the plug and his respective company were liable for the inadequate provision of electrical safety standards.

Training Course Details

Electrical Safety Certification Course
 23rd April 2018
Location: MLA Headquarters, Daventry, Woodford Halse, Northamptonshire, NN11 3PZ
Requirement: Open to MLA Members and NON MLA Members
Cost: £145 inc VAT – MLA MEMBER  | £205 inc VAT NON MEMBER
How to book: Please just download the booking form below


What is covered on this training course?Course outlines image for electrical safety course

  • Dangers of Electricity
  • The Laws affecting Locksmiths working with electricity
  • Risk Assessment (samples & worked examples)
  • Selection of tools
  • Selection of equipment
  • Locking off & proving dead (theory & practical)
  • Installation of power supplies (theory & practical)
  • Practical Assessment

After the course is completed you will be able to:

After the full days course, you will be competent in the following areas:

  • Hands-on exposure on how to conduct a rigorous risk assessment
  • How to select the relevant tools/equipment for each project
  • Gain further clarity on the latest legislation for locksmiths working with electricity
  • Crucial real-life examples of when things go wrong and how you can mitigate potential electrical hazards for your customers
  • Installation of key power supplies
  • In July 2015, there were amendments to standards BS7671:2008 the course will discuss showing you how the installation of cables changed

Assessment and Course Notes

The course will last a full day with the morning devoted to theory & the afternoon given over to the practical and the assessment. Working boards would be provided for delegates to work on and all the test equipment required. Full course notes will be supplied.

Certificate After Course

The Certificate will be for successfully completing the course including a practical examination at the end. This will prove the applicant “Competent to Connect to a Fused Spur” which means that under the Electricity at Work Regs you will be deemed to be suitably qualified to carry out this work.

To book a place on this course either email or phone us on 0800 783 14 98 for more details. If you are interested in other locksmith training courses please so our locksmith training pages

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