Continued Professional Development (CPD) Scheme

The MLA, as the leading trade association for the locksmithing industry, has reinforced its commitment to members by launching a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programme.

The Master Locksmith Association (MLA) CPD programme encourages members of the association to develop skills and broaden their knowledge on an ongoing basis.  It is the first formal CPD programme to be launched by a locksmithing association.

A point scoring system will enable MLA personal members and approved companies to maintain their status.  Points are gained by taking part in activities including national and regional training courses, distance learning, exhibitions and manufacturer seminars.

Dr Steffan George, development director for the MLA said:

“One of the main principles of the MLA is to ensure skill and integrity in locksmithing. The CPD scheme shows the outside world that MLA members are able to provide sound advice based on knowledge and experience while having company Certified status offers consumers further reassurance that they have hired a reputable professional. Locksmith companies on the other hand will be able to recognise the Registered status for individuals thereby differentiating them when it comes to job applications.

The locksmithing industry is constantly evolving – with new products and regular legislation updates, it is essential locksmiths are kept up-to-date and are able to correctly specify and install products.  We have developed the CPD points system to further rewards those who take the time to attend training and those who continually work hard to enhance their skills.”

To maintain Registered or Certified status MLA members and approved companies must gain 18 points over a rolling three year period – points can be obtained evenly over the three years or accumulated at varying rates as appropriate for the individual.

Dr George added:

“Certified companies must nominate one employee to represent them at an event ensuring larger businesses cannot accumulate all required points by sending a number of employees to one single event.  Similarly smaller businesses can realistically maintain CPD status by attending a number of the MLA’s regional events over the three year period.  Every company has to work equally as hard to reach the goal.”

Members will be able to submit details of externally run courses and events to the MLA CPD committee to be considered for accreditation and where applicable points will be allocated.  The MLA has developed (and is constantly adding to) a list of MLA CPD accredited courses which will be available to all members. Look out for the MLA CPD Accredited logo

Chairman of the CPD committee Simon Griffiths concluded:

“We wanted to make the CPD programme as user friendly as possible.  The fact points can be accumulated gradually ensures it is easy to fit accredited activity around our members’ every day work schedules.  CPD is all about increasing professional status and giving MLA members a competitive edge.  The potential dangers of falling foul of new legislation by installing the wrong product are substantial but training and professional commitment can significantly reduce the risk.”

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