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Borg Locks

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Company name:  Borg Locks
Business:  Manufacturer of digital locks
Contact Name: John Hyslop
Telephone: 01708 225 700

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Products Exhibiting at Expo:

BL2501 Easi-Code Pro

Our new BL2501 Easi-code pro lock features our patented ‘On the door’ code change system, allows you to fully update and change codes without the hassle of removing any pins or tumblers. This model is fully reversible and is suitable for all light to medium duty doors. This has been cycle tested over 100k+ times to ensure each model works as intended and is available in both holdback and non-holdback.

BL2501 Easi Code Pro digital door lock image

BL2701 Easi-Code Pro

Equipped with our Easi-Code Pro code change system, the BL2701 will allow you to change the code “on the door” without the need of removing the lock or any of the troubles that follow. This model has a key by-pass for the times when you may forget your code. This lock is designed for all light to medium duty doors and is available in a satin chrome finish.

BL2701 Easi Code Pro Digital Door Lock image

BL5401 Easi-Code Pro

This medium to heavy duty door lock is designed as an upgrade to our previous 5000 series models. This comes with a stronger clutch protection and anti-thrust pins as standard, allowing peace of mind that this lock will withhold forced entry and break-ins. As with all of our easi-code pro locks, this can be recoded on the door to prevent further aggravation of removing the lock and removing of different pins and tumblers, allowing a quick and easy code change in a matter of minutes.

BL5401 Easi Code Pro Digital Door Lock image

BL5701 Easi-Code Pro

This key by-pass model of our popular 5000 series flat bar handle lock features our new, patented ‘on the door’ code change system, allowing quick code changes in a matter of minutes and is part of our new, Easi-code pro range. Featuring durable clutch protections and cycle tested over 100k+ times, this model is designed to withstand all internal and external medium to heavy duty applications as needed.

BL5701 Easi Code Pro Digital Door Lock image

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